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Is It Ethical To Steal Someone’s Downline?

This one will raise some emotions and before you answer the question and jump into the “NO” camp… Let’s talk about the ethics of this issue. You may actually change your mind. Just a few weeks ago, a mentor of mine received complaints from a leader he has known for years in our network marketing […]

How to Build an A-Team Downline

On a recent vacation/business trip to Vegas I had a conversation over dinner with Sherri, a top “Diamond” earner and friend in network marketing whose business had “stagnated” over the last several months. The discussion revolved around the issue of her downline and how most of her team seemed to be lazy, did not produce, […]

Attraction Marketing Myths – The Truth Exposed

What are you attracting with your “attraction marketing” or were you like me and didn’t have a clue! These days I’m hearing and seeing a lot of advice about what “attraction marketing” is. It is even being discussed by some of the old school network marketers who use this buzz word as a way of […]

5 Key Steps To Duplicate Your Business

YOU JUST SPONSORED A NEW DISTRIBUTOR….WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? I just spoke with one my upline leaders in my network marketing company today. He has been on the road for over 6 weeks now and more travel is on the way. He has a very large and successful organization and the larger it gets the […]

The Problems With Prospecting And Recruiting

August 2017 marked 10 years (2007) since I was first introduced to network marketing that led to the world of entrepreneurship and lots of personal development. There have been both good and bad times during this extraordinary journey! The good news is my story in this profession has a happy ending. I quit my job […]