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Larry Felder


Larry FelderI finally got completely fed up with the corporate madhouse!

I was a retired Air Force aviator who had transitioned to the corporate world after retiring from the Air Force.

The corporate world was exciting at first…

But the travel, are you kidding me, I was on the road over 75% of the time and never home with my wife, kids, and grandkids.

It was like being back in the worst part of my Air Force career where I was gone all the time!

Plus when I was home dealing with the terrible traffic and 1 ½ hour one-way commute got real old, real fast.

Then one day in a parking lot my boss took me aside and said our work is drying up and I’m going to have to move you to part-time work.

WOW, that was totally unexpected!

So I looked at my options.

I could take another job in Corporate America but as I looked the offers I had received required moving to an area neither my wife nor I wanted to live in.

Plus because of my military career, 17 moves in 28 years was enough, we were done moving.

So I took the part-time work because we needed the money.

But I also began to look for alternatives.

Then came the call from an old friend about this Network Marketing thing he was in.

I was polite, because he was a good friend, but to be honest I didn’t understand what he was talking about at all.

After all, I’d never been an entrepreneur I’d only worked for someone else my entire life.

I was ignorant like most of us who have only been employees.

However, when we actually went over what he was doing, I knew this was my ticket out of the corporate rat race.

I’d been looking for a way to make up for the lost income of being moved to part-time work and the idea of creating residual income was exciting.

Well in my first 36 hours I made enough money to pay back my initial investment.

In my first 6 months, I made enough extra income to replace what I’d lost.

Things were going great and then it happened my business fell apart, everyone I’d enrolled quit…

Even my daughter moved on to another company!

I wasn’t able to duplicate what I was doing.

So I went back to the beginning and started over.

Well, I’d told all my corporate friends what I was doing and there was no way I was giving up I’m not a quitter…

I think it’s the military in me attack the target and complete the mission no matter what!

The company I was with was completely old school, so I was taught to prospect everyone within a three-foot radius and throw whatever I could at the wall hoping someone would stick.

Because of this experience, I’d gotten completely fed up with old school.

One day I attended a Lacrosse game my grandson was playing with my daughter.

I’d been following her after she joined her new company and was watching her crushing it!!

So I asked what are you doing?

The next day she introduced me to her new mentors and…

I discovered Attraction Marketing!

I began a journey that has completely transformed my life and my business.

What I discovered was…

If you create value in the market people actually come to you.

You become the hunted not the hunter.

My business doubled in a few short months and it’s growing rapidly.

People actively seek me out and I now enjoy more time freedom than the traditional methods ever allowed.

Owning your own home business will never be easy.

In fact, no business is.

What I can tell you from my experience is success attracts success.

It is possible to create a thriving home business in the middle of nowhere, like the foothills of the Rockies, as long as you are willing to invest in yourself.

Training, hard work, and following a mentor who is already successful.

No one can predict your results, only you can be in charge of your destiny.

I look forward to being a part of your journey, big or small and…

Sharing with you what has worked for me through training on my blog and inside the products I recommend as well.

My advice is to take action and change your life today – just dive In!

Commit and don’t look back.

I wish you all the success I’ve found in this profession and even more.
~Larry Felder

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