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Following Popular Thinking Can Kill Your Business

Do You Accept Popular Thinking

I just spent over two hours this morning in a strategy session with my upline leaders to discussing an innovative approach to help our team grow.

Bill has always been open to the idea that popular thinking may not be the way to move forward and embraces new ideas.

It was a refreshing discussion and he didn’t stay stuck with the status quo. He embraced an innovative new idea to change the direction of our business.

His mentorship has always been valuable…

…as have been another set of mentors I found who also question popular thinking, approach our profession with a changed thinking process, and produce massive results.

How successful people think is critical to their growth in life and business.

Change your thinking and you will change your life.

I have to admit no one tell this story better then John Maxwell in his book “How Successful People Think.”

John covers the risks of popular thinking in chapter 8 of his book and today I’d like to share his wisdom with you.

So let’s start with…

John Maxwell points out that the problem with popular thinking is it doesn’t require you to think at all. Thinking is hard, and most people go through life trying to take the easy way out. They just follow the crowd instead of creating their own independent path in life.

Paying the price for success takes critical thinking and hard work, but most people never pay the price so never get the reward.

I see this all the time in Network Marketing. You must think through a problem, and many times take a different path to success.

This takes thinking beyond the popular ideas…

Innovative upline leaders have already thought through the problem, created the path through independent thinking, and establish a successful way to build a business.

Then they offered up this success to their team.

Some take the non-popular thinking and create their own success but many reject the ideas because they are not popular ideas and require hard work. By taking the easy way they are left behind.

How do you think about your business?

In this section he points out that popular thinking is a way for people to look for safety and security. They figure if a lot of people are doing something, then it must be right. It must be a good idea.

You hear it all the time in today’s world if it is popular it must be fair, equal, compassionate, and this makes you a sensitive person. Really?

Let’s exam this…

Popular thinking once said the earth was flat, we were the center of the universe, there was no need for cleanliness in surgery, if man was meant to fly he would have been given wings.

Popular thinking has led to the rise of many dictators throughout history, and untold human misery and death.

Our school system teaches popular thinking and teach us to get a good education, a good job, work hard, and everything will work out. 95% of the population follows this thinking and over 90% of the people in North America are dead or dead broke at age 65.

A different approach, Network Marketing, requires critical thinking (not popular thinking because after all it isn’t popular), working smart not hard, and if you pay the price retiring in comfort.

So what is your thinking?

Those who embrace this put their confidence in the idea of the moment, and hold on to it with all their might.

The result is the resistance to change and it dampens and sometimes even actively works against innovation.

We are seeing this unfold today in our network marketing profession. The old offline ways of building a business are held tight by many in our profession. They are unable or unwilling to move beyond this popular thinking.

Now you can build your network marketing business offline, but online is more efficient, allows you to create income quicker and you can run your business from your laptop or smart phone.

So is your thinking status quo?

Here John points out that popular thinking brings mediocre results.

Popular thinking is the least of the best and the best of the least. It limits your success, it represents putting in the least energy to just get by.

He says you must reject popular thinking if you want to accomplish uncommon results.

He wraps it up by saying you can develop the habit of eliminating popular thinking by doing the following:

  • Think before you follow
  • Appreciate thinking different by exposing yourself to people who don’t use popular thinking
  • Continually question your own thinking
  • Try new things in new ways
  • Get used to being uncomfortable

Are you consciously rejecting the limitations of popular thinking in order to accomplish uncommon results?

If you’ve been embracing popular thinking in your business and are producing mediocre results maybe it’s time for a change.

May I suggest appreciating a different way of thinking from a personal friend and 7-figure earner by exposing yourself to a better way of thinking?

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To Your Success!

Larry Felder


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