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The Secrets Of Our Ancient Ancestors

Discover the secrets of our ancient ancestors so you can change your body composition and get off that endless treadmill of…Constantly counting points, being totally obsessed about your food, and going from one unsuccessful program to another.Believe me I’ve been there.Check this out…By implementing our ancient ancestors secret formula, I’ve lost 35 lbs and have […]

3 Tips to Lower The Cost Of Facebook Advertising

Do you advertise on Facebook?Yesterday I was going through my ad cost and as I thought the cost of advertising on Facebook has been going up.Now if you’re like me and use Facebook to grow your business, add more customers, and reach more prospects, this added cost can hurt.Unfortunately it is a reality so what […]

6 Steps To Blend Offline And Online For Lightning Faster Results

This question keeps coming up do I do…Online or offline?Here is why I see this question often…There is a “battle royale” between the “onliners” and “offliners”.And it bowls down to this…How should you build your network marketing business, because folks in either corner are constantly slugging it out saying “their way is best”.Ya and it […]

3 Cutting Edge Tiers of Modern Prospecting and Recruiting

Recently, I attended a private meeting, made up of the top leaders from several well know network marketing companies.At this event was a friend and mentor of mine Ferny Ceballos who has personally been responsible for over 11 million dollars in online sales over 10 years in his business.The training he delivered was…How to successfully […]

5 Secrets to Attract More Prospects

Have you ever wondered why some people have a massive following and others don’t?As a former military leader and current network marketing leader that question was one I ask often.What I found was good leaders are attractive and…I don’t mean just the “good-looking” type.Attractiveness is often not just looks, let’s face it, there are lots […]

Build Your Business With Confidence In 4 Simple Steps

When I first started in Network Marketing fear ruled my life.The fear of rejectionThe fear of losing friendsThe fear of criticismThe fear of what my colleagues might think of meStatus has a funny why of ruling our lives sometimes…You name it, in the beginning I was paralyzed with all kinds of fear.Have you been there?You […]