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How to Master YOUR Hardest Skillset in 3 Simple Steps

Who likes Scrabble and word association?Let’s play a quick game right now…What comes to mind when you hear the following names?Amelia EarhartCharles LindbergJacqueline CochranJimmy DoolittleChuck YeagerNeil ArmstrongAlan ShepardJohn GlennEven if you’re not an aviation buff, chances are you’ve heard these men and women’s deeds…American woman aviation pioneerFirst solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic OceanOne of […]

5 Tips To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

I just got a call from an old friend on a radical new idea to build a Network Marketing business. He said “I’m not trying to recruit you” but just want to share a new idea that will launch your network marketing business…. Have you been there? I’ve known this friend for a long time […]

Left A 6-Figure Corporate Income For Freedom

Lessons Learned From A Military Retiree, Who Went To Corporate America Found A Program, Gave Up A 6-Figure Income To Obtain The Freedom Of Entrepreneurship. My Journey To Become An Entrepreneur I remember the day I made the decision to retire from the military. I got a call from the Center Vice Commander telling me […]

Is It Ethical To Steal Someone’s Downline?

This one will raise some emotions and before you answer the question and jump into the “NO” camp… Let’s talk about the ethics of this issue. You may actually change your mind. Just a few weeks ago, a mentor of mine received complaints from a leader he has known for years in our network marketing […]

Attraction Marketing Myths – The Truth Exposed

What are you attracting with your “attraction marketing” or were you like me and didn’t have a clue! These days I’m hearing and seeing a lot of advice about what “attraction marketing” is. It is even being discussed by some of the old school network marketers who use this buzz word as a way of […]