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Larry Felder

Why The Information Age Is A Better Way To Build Your BIZ

I Almost QUIT Network Marketing

Back in 2017 I was now in my fifth network marketing company...

I was doing everything I was told by my upline such as...

  • ​Making a list of the 100 people I knew, again
  • Inviting them to see “The Plan”
  • Doing home meetings
  • Recruiting everyone I met
  • Meeting people for coffee and drawing "The Plan" on napkins
  • Hunting the malls and Walmart
  • And getting rejected over and over again…

Every company and every upline was the same...

I'd completely tapped out my friends, family, and co-workers.

I had a small dwindling team of unmotivated reps who told me over and over again I don't want to build a business this way.

But I had no alternative and couldn't teach them anything different.

And anyone new kept telling me the same thing, I don't want to build a business your way.

To be honest I was having a hard time dealing with this..

After all I'd been a very successful Air Force leader, had multiple degrees, and at the time a six figured job in the defense contracting industry that most people considered a “great job”…

But Things Were Far Worse Than They Seemed On The Outside…

First I absolutely hated my job.

At the time I was traveling 3 out of 4 weeks every month...

Working over 60 hours every week...

And when I was home commuting over 1 1/2 hours one way every day.

On top of that I'd over extended our budget and needed the money…

Plus I was beginning to drown in credit card debt from all the money I was spending on this network marketing thing.

Not to mention I was just plan feed up with all the rejection, home meetings, driving long hours at night, and no shows…

Plus they'd discovered what I was doing at work and my coworkers poked me every day asking me if I was making any money in that pyramid thing!

Are you there yet?

But I still wanted this dream because...

  • I needed more money
  • I wanted to have more time freedom
  • And I desperately wanted to fire my boss who had lied to me!

At this low point in my business I was feeling hopeless and totally discouraged.

I didn’t have it in me to pick up the phone any more to call another prospect who I knew would say no or become a downline who "didn't want to build it like this."

And this business was beginning to take a toll on my health...

  • I was depressed
  • Angry
  • Wasn’t sleeping well at night
  • My energy was completely drained before lunch time
  • And I was within a hair’s breadth of throwing in the towel and calling it quits

So what changed my mind?

I knew deep down this would work.

And because it was not working for me I began to look for a set of mentors who could teach me a better way to build a business.

What I discovered was there is a transition in the Network Marketing profession going on right now.

The old ways of doing business are rooted in the Industrial Age, have been used for over 50 years now and are not working like they use to.

What I also discovered was I'd been sold Industrial Age myths.

Such as...

Industrial Age Myth # 1: It's A Numbers Game

“Don’t worry about the rejection. The more people you talk to, the more people you’re going to recruit. Remember it's just a numbers game.”

Ever heard this one before?

I bet you have, and it probably kept you from losing your mind when ALL your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers said NO to your business.

Because after all, it’s a “Numbers Game”, right?

Well, even though this is partially true there's an old way to go through the numbers and new way which I share below.

Industrial Age Myth # 2: You Are Just One Recruit Away From An Explosion

Some Network Marketing Leaders say this to give you a false sense of hope so you'll keep doing their way of building a business.

And you know what this is theoretically true. 

But I know people who personally sponsored HUNDREDS of reps into their business and never got it off the ground.

But there is a way to focus on the right reps which I share below.

Industrial Age Myth # 3: Most Of Your Time Should Be Spent Prospecting

If you are using industrial age methods this is actually true.

And you're always told to prospect by making that 100 name list of people you know...

And when you run out of names doing cold calls, going to the mall, talking to strangers, passing out flyers or business cards.

And I don't know about you but...

What I've discovers is this is a BIG WASTE OF TIME and there is a better way which I share below.

Industrial Age Myth # 4: Recruiting Is The Key To Your Success In Network Marketing

Don't get me wrong...

Recruiting is an essential part of your success in Network Marketing, but it is NOT the key.

Plus there is a better information age way to recruit that frees up your time and automatically qualifies your prospects.

Which I share below.

Industrial Age Myth # 5: Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Do what other successful people have done, and you too will be successful.

Here’s the problem with this thinking.

Most of the advice given today in Network Marketing, comes from the industrial age and...

These methods might have worked well in the 60's, 70's, 80’s and even the early part of the 90’s.

But aren't working that well today.

People have moved on and are looking for a better way to build a business.

So lets get into the two methods of prospecting and you can choose which one you want...

This is the approach I'd been taught in 5 network marketing companies and the same process was used by all 5 different upline leaders.

You know the 3-foot rule, talk to everyone because everyone is your prospect, that next person could be you next diamond leader.

Here's the problem with this process.

  • You're approaching mostly non targeted prospects who don't have a clue how network marketing works and don't want to know
  • You have massive rejection dealing with uninformed people
  • You deal with a never ending set of excuses and objections
  • The process is incredible time consuming and expensive
  • You manually go though an endless “shifting and shorting” process with follow ups that never seem to end
  • People you sponsor only duplicate if they have a high tolerance to overcoming rejection
  • Plus the more you recruited the less actual time freedom you have because most people "don't want to build this way" so you end up doing it for them

This is the industrial age process sold by most current network marketing companies and their leadership and as I discussed in the 5 myths don't work like they use to.

So is there an alternative?

What I found out in my mentorship program is that...

The Information Age Prospecting Process is the approach secretly being used by many of the top 6- & 7-Figure earners in our profession today.

The problem is most will not share this because of the fear of their company actually taking their business away...

Most companies are stuck in the industrial age and want their leaders to teach time proven approved industrial age processes.

Plus as a triple diamond friend of mind told me...

Using the internet and social media outside the "approved company methods" can get you side ways with the ownership and you could loose your income and have to look for a different company.

So in secret they build a business using an information age process but never share the process with their downline for fear of loosing their biz.

Why would you want to use an information age process?

  • When you use an information age process you only talk to qualified prospects
  • You target people who believe in Network Marketing and are looking to join a successful team
  • You don't have all the rejection of the industrial age process
  • You don't deal with all the lame excuses and objections
  • You have a system that is completely on autopilot and saves you massive amounts of time
  • You have a process that does the “shifting and shorting” automatically
  • You have a process that when shared with qualified prospects duplicates so you retain your team (more on this later)
  • Finally the more you recruited the more freedom you actually have

Which process would you rather have?

Do you want to continue to be struck in the industrially age or would you rather move into the information age?

Here is what I found out...

To make this move without loosing your business and getting sideways with your ownership requires two things

  1. Someone willing to share and mentor you on a proven system
  2. And the right company who has already transitioned to the information age and supports you

Without these two key elements you'll continue to deal with the lack of results, rejection, and wasting an enormous amount of time. 

So if you're ready to make the move into the information age...

If your ready for a better way to build a network marketing business, a team that teaches the way, and a company that supports your efforts...

Click here.

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To Your Success.

Larry Felder

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