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What Are Your Successful Upline Leaders Secretly Doing?


Do you know many network marketing leaders are secretly using the internet to prospect and recruit, while they are telling YOU to keep it “Old School?”

Their justification seems to go like this “as a leader I’ve never seen anyone build a BIG business using the internet.”

What I’ve been told is stop being distracted building online the internet isn’t duplicatable.

In one of my old companies I just left, I actually had my upline check on what I was doing and told me to stop building online or loose the downline I'd built in that company. 

The fear seems to be that if you're using the internet to attract prospects you're not just making money from your company you're also making money selling your training...

And somehow this scares some leaders because they think you're...

Taking valuable time away from the “Old School” techniques they advise you use to build a business.

Here’s the truth; in today's world some of the BIGGEST names in network marketing are on record, warning their downline and anyone else against the pointlessness or even the perils of building online.

Conventional wisdom is always the last to change if it ever changes at all!

Attraction marketing has challenged the establishment since 2005, when it was first introduced.

Old School leaders work hard to discredit the new methods of internet prospecting because it challenges the establish wisdom despite the fact that the 50 year old worn out methods don’t work like they use to in today’s highly connected world.

After years of limited success with “Old School” techniques I took a pause in my business and sought out the most effective way to build my business online.

Once I was introduced to Attraction Marketing I began my journey into the “New School” methods of prospecting and recruiting.

What I’ve found out is we have a serious divide between “Old School” & “New School”.

I have to admit I’ve had many frustrating discussions with leaders who can't get out of their old school comfort zone. This has resulted in me disengaging from the “debate” and looking for those leaders who are building online successfully.

As with many long established dogmas you'll not change their minds so, what’s the point of arguing?

Attraction Marketing has allowed me to create the income so I could fire my boss and quite that J.O.B. I hated.

It's also allowed me to establish a working relationship with an outstanding group of 6-figure, 7-figure, and even a few 8-figure income earners who use “New School” methods to develop their income. 

I’m so tired of hearing the “fake it till you make it” philosophy. It's been refreshing to actually be able to work with real high end income earners who don’t subscribe to this philosophy.

So what do the “New Schooler” do different?

What they do is not have their identities defined by any one network marketing company…

But build personal brands that attract ambitious entrepreneurs to them who are also tiered of “Old School” and actively looking for someone to work with.

What I’ve also learned on my journey is the concept of building a personal brand isn’t unique to our profession.

Think of the Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn, and the Tony Robbins’ of the world!

It’s an indisputable fact nothing is more valuable in business than a trusted brand. And nothing can create a better connection to your market than a trusted “personal brand."

At a recent event I found out from some well-known network marketers that over the past few years, as “Old School” leaders have discouraged their downline from building their own value & brand as internet marketers, they’ve been doing the exact opposite of what they’ve advised.

Remember An Establishment Hangs On

As Long As They Can!

Recently, I had the privilege to attend a gathering of network marketers organized by a mentor of mine.

Because of a recent decision to join this mastermind of high end earners I was actually able to attend an event before the event.

This was a much smaller and more private mastermind event, exclusively for those who’ve made the financial commitment, and created the success of being an elite earner within the profession.

You actually had to be invited by the mastermind group
to attend this meeting.

As someone who's currently building a personal brand it is my job to hunt out the best ideas so I can share these ideas with my community members at “Success With Larry Felder”.

Ideas to teach my followers how to maximize their incomes and become leaders within their own companies.

At this invitation only event, I met some extraordinary network marketing leaders who represented a cross cut of our profession!

They ranged from the newest success story, barely making $100,000 per year, to leaders earning over $1 million per year.

During this event we heard from many recent “Old School” network marketers who had made the decision and successfully transitioned their businesses to the “New School” strategies. The discussions covered high level business concepts and were forthright & honest.

But, as with many event, the real learning happen after hours in a cocktail lounge and the truth came out on how these top earners actually gave up “Old School” techniques and were now recruiting using “New School” strategies!

After a few drinks that evening many of them opened up and divulged the ultimate truth about Old School vs New School.

During these discussion I learned these new friends where earning between $100,000 per year to $2 million dollars per year and were using the internet to do that.

I had the privilege to speak to someone earning over $200,000 per month in her business, who stated she loves internet marketing and strategically recruits into her organization using these strategies. 

Internet marketing was the single strategy she uses for lead generation for her team’s recruiting efforts.

She was a more senior person, like me LOL, and admitted she was kind of a computer novice, but the team member and customer prospect flow provided by internet marketing had been the key to her success!

I also spoke to an up and coming star within this secret group and discovered that in the past 2 years, she had built a multiple 6-figure income in her business, primarily using the internet. She was a student of attraction marketing, and on a rocket ship to Mars!

I also had the honor of meeting someone who had influence my decision to move towards the internet when I was feed up with “Old School” and actively looking for an alternative.

I’ve known about him for quite some time now and finally got to meet him in person.

He told me how he built a multiple 6-figure international business using attraction marketing with one of the biggest and most well-known Network Marketing companies in the world.

He said “old school” network marketing was way too hard and he prefers building his brand online.

What I also learned that evening was all the 6-figure earners I spoke to got fed up with “Old School” and like me had actively sought out how to build their business using the internet.

So Why Are Some “Old School” Top Earners Keeping “Attraction Marketing” a Secret!

Like any profession it is hard to buck the establishment. All those I met at this event had to make a conscious decision to buck the system advocated by their company.

I also found out many of them had leaders who are having success online, but because of the stigma within their peer group don’t publicize the fact they build online.


  • Fear being discredited and put down by colleagues in the profession.
  •  And are concerned their primary company may find out what they are doing!

What I found out that weekend shocked me! I always suspected the biggest “internet network marketers” built online but kept it quiet.

Because of “Old School” dogma many of the biggest internet networkers who’ve built massive businesses keep it a secret!

In fact I even got to meet one of them who actually built his business with one of the top 5 network marketing companies in the world.

Like the end of the agricultural age and the beginning of the industrial age old dogmas and conventional wisdom eventually transition out of necessity.

As our Globe becomes increasingly digitized, Network Marketing companies and the “Old School” camp won’t be able to hold out just like they couldn’t stay on the farm at the dawn of the industrial age.

In fact this weekend showed me there are already early signs that “Old Schoolers” are making the transition and now admit the internet WILL play a crucial role in the future.

It’s beginning to happen.

I’m thrilled I made the transition early and my warning to leaders in the industry is simple…

The internet can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

If you choose and pretend the internet isn’t there, at some point your team, like I did, will get increasingly frustrated with “Old School” techniques that are not producing results.

They will seek out people who give them advice on how to move their business from “Old School” techniques to “Online Strategies.” And will end up on my list joining my company eager to learn about internet marketing from ME (or someone like me)! 🙂

What I’ve discovered is the choice to incorporate internet marketing into your strategy, makes you a more valuable leader...

Plus, the future is fast approaching where people will either pay to learn these skills...

...or join a leader and his/her company who know the skills, have the online systems in place, and provide their team this valuable knowledge at no additional cost.

Ultimately, the key message should not be “Old School vs New School”… because both the establishment and the new doctrine are valuable and need each other!

The reason I attended this private event, with the evolving new school leadership, was because there is much to learn about the new strategies. These new strategies are essential to a thriving and growing networking marketing profession.

And what I found out is there is no recruiting tool more powerful and leveraged than internet marketing.

That said, both “Old School” and “New School” methods needs to be married in a strategic approach as outline HERE.

The weekend also taught me there is no stabilizing force more powerful in business, than a trusted personal brand.

Once you’ve done that, your income will have transcended your company and that is when you will truly be an “independent business owner.”

To Your Success,

Larry Felder

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