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Larry Felder

The Psychology of Facebook Advertising


Over the last few months I’ve had the honor to be invited to learn from the master Curt Maly!

Curt has dub me "Crazy Larry" LOL!!

It's not my Air Force Aviator Handle "Predator" but have to admit...

It's an honor to have earned a new handle in our profession.

Curt Maly is the co-founder of an “invitation only” Facebook advertising agency.

His clients include:

  • High end Network Marketing professionals
  • Internationally-known motivational speakers
  • Real estate investing gurus
  • Reality TV stars
  • Professional sports teams
  • Presidential candidates
  • And some of our profession’s best-selling authors.

So it's safe to say that after profitably investing millions of dollars purchasing Facebook ads, Curt knows a thing or two about the process!

In the interview below, hosted by another mentor of mine Andrew Draughon, The Director of Content at

Curt shares some critical mindset shifts necessary to effectively advertise on Facebook…

I use Curt's advice every day and It’s completely changed the direction of my biz!

Enjoy the interview?

Now, what you have just seen is some valuable secrets that'll help you achieve success in our profession.

In his "invitation only" classes Curt teaches advanced strategies.

These strategies can only be understood and executed once you have obtained a basic foundation of knowledge.

So if you're serious about building a massive business online you need to build that foundation.

Want to know how to start?


If you have spent the time and money to develop the foundation and wanted coaching on how to execute Curt's advanced strategy?

Set up a time to chat here.

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To Your Success!

Larry Felder

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