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Network Marketing Is Like Fishing!


Network Marketing is like Fishing - Are You Fishing in the Right Water?

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Every Network Marketing company I’ve been involved with gives the same “Old School” advice.

Create a list of names that include friends, family, and associates and contact X number every day. As part of this “Old School” advice my up-line also said don’t pre-judge anyone you never know who will be your next diamond. Really?

I’m here to tell you the conventional wisdom of “Old School” Network Marketers can be improved!

According to Taylor's Home Business research:

  • • In the first year of operation, a minimum of 50% of Network Marketing representatives drop out.
    • After five years of operation, a minimum of 90% have left the company.
    • By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out – making it safe to say at least 95% of Network Marketing representatives have dropped out.

Why are the statistics so poor?

I’m here to challenge the “Old School” teachings of don’t pre-judge anyone.

I think this thought process tied with the lack of training (e.g how to find and recruit the right prospects) is a primary factor in the poor statistics our profession has faced over the last several years.

Let's tell a story that produces vastly different results.

Let’s say you wanted to catch a fresh water Brown Trout but don’t know what a Brown Trout is or where to find it so you asked your up-line.

Your up-line, who is in their “Old School” comfort zone, and use “Old School” training techniques recommend you don’t pre judge fresh water Brown Trout.

They say the best way to catch this fresh water Brown Trout is to go to the biggest pond and fish where the largest amount of fish are located.

After all fishing is a numbers game - right? If you caught enough fish you will eventually catch that Brown Trout.

They suggest you start in the biggest pond in the world, with the most fish and send you to the Pacific Ocean to fish for Brown Trout.

They also suggest you use bait that is specifically designed to catch tuna because after all tuna is one of the most numerous fish in the ocean so this bait should also attract Brown Trout.

After years of fishing in this big pond with the wrong bait you catch no fresh water Brown Trout and like the statistics above quit trying never to fish again.

Let’s tell the story differently...

You want to catch a freshwater Brown Trout so you ask your up-line who are not tied to “Old School” techniques and strategies, how do I do this?

They tell you in order to catch a fresh water Brown Trout you need to evaluate the situation and target the right fish with the right bait at the right time. You need to attract this kind of fish to you. 

This line of sponsorship tells you let’s start by targeting one of the best places in the world to catch Brown Trout, the Colorado River.

They also tell you the best bait in this river is a set of specific flies used to attract Colorado Brown Trout and the best time is the fall of the season where there is a massive hatching of flies the Brown Trout like.

Finally, they place you in a comprehensive fishing camp and teach you how to target and catch these illusive fish. By the end of the week you have caught your limit, day after day, and remain a fisherman for life.

So what happened?

Simple, not pre-judging the situation wasted your time and money by fishing for fresh water Brown Trout in the world’s largest pond, the Pacific Ocean.

You were fishing in the wrong place with the wrong bait and obviously had improper training.

This approach wasted your time, money, and eventually, even though you were persistent, never produced results.

However, by taking advice from an innovative up-line who do pre-judge the situation, target the right place, with the right bait and teach you how to do it, you caught many of those elusive Brown Trout and become a fisherman for life.

As with fishing you can target network marketers.  

There is an easy way to recruit rejection FREE and not waste your time or money chasing dead beat prospects.

Just like targeting the right fish you can target the right prospects see how in our FREE TRAINING. Which is training like the fishing camp that produced results...

As with any good story there is a moral to the story.

You can spend years wasting your time not pre-judging people using “Old School” techniques and training or you can move into the information age and attract the right people who will remain on your team, become productive members of your team, and not leave your team because they are properly trained.

This is the magic of attracting your prospects not fishing for them in all the wrong places.

That’s why you have to pre-judge and attract the right people to your team.

Qualified prospects who are committed and not just looking to earn a fast buck.

That’s why you should ALWAYS target the right people with the right approach!

Look forward to working with you.

To your success,
Larry Felder

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