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How To Attract More Prospects To YOU


Have you ever wondered why some people have a massive following and others don’t?

As a former Air Force Leader and current network marketing leader that question was one I ask often.

What I found was good leaders are attractive and…

I don’t mean just “good-looking.”

Attractiveness is often not just looks, let’s face it, there are lots of things that make someone attractive, well beyond how they look.

What I found was attractive people have that charisma...

You know that magnetic quality of attraction that naturally makes folks want to flock to them, desire to be in their presence, hang on their every word, and follow them into battle.

Great leaders have this kind of attraction, the kind of attraction that can make you more effective in life and more effective in your network marketing business.

So I want to share what I’ve discovered over the years with you.

Learn these 5 secrets and you'll become like the great leaders of the past and present.

Want to learn?

Great, let get to it!

Attractive people are more interested in listening to you than hearing themselves talk.

Have you ever been at that proverbial office party and ran into this guy…

You know that guy that spends the entire evening talking about themselves.

“Me, me, me, me…me! But enough about me – what do YOU think of me?”

Human nature makes US our absolute, number one favorite topic.

But it’s not about proving how interesting you are it's about the other guy.

And guess what?

Your prospect feels the same way.

So, if you’re more interested in getting to know them and you aren’t talking about you, you’ll instantly become more attractive.

These days people, especially in network marketing, people spend their time with a prospects “throw up” all over them about how great their product, service, or opportunity is.

And that flat turns people off!

If you are doing this, it will instantly make you unattractive.

I want to share an evening at the bar I had once.

I was a keynote speaker in Singapore once and after the 36 hours traveling there and the long day sharing concepts I was just plan tiered and…

That evening was in no mood to talk with anyone…

I sat dead tired at the bar.

The last thing I wanted to do was to strike up a conversations with someone after that unbelievable long day.

As I sat there, a meeting attendee started talking to me.

And all I could think was…

“Oh man, I don’t know if I can muster up the energy to carry on a conversation.”

So I just asked him a question…

“What are you doing in our profession now?”

And then just shut up and listened, genuinely interested in what he had to say.

I said nothing about me just listened.

When he finished answering, I just ask another question.

And he went on for another ten minutes.

After 45 minutes, I was so tiered I finally said…

“You know, I need to head up to my room and get some sleep, because I have another full day tomorrow.”

And to my utter surprise he said…

“I’ve met a lot of people in my travels, but you are one of the most interesting people I have ever met.”


“What is he talking about? I didn’t say anything about myself all night.”

And then it dawned on me…

“A bolt of lightning hit me…

Being attractive is not about trying to prove how interesting you are; it’s about being interested in the other person.”

To be honest, attractive people are not needy, clingy, or desperate.

Have you experienced those needy, clingy, and desperate people - you know, the ones who call you over and over again and then send you a text asking…

“Why didn’t you call me back?”

Unfortunately, this “lack of posture” is everywhere in our profession these days.

These people are so addicted to having that one prospect or person say “yes.”

Plus, that neediness, clinginess, and desperation makes them very unattractive.

Nobody likes to be around needy, clingy, or desperate people.

To be more attractive…

You have to learn not to be “tied to the outcome” when it comes to prospecting.

That doesn’t mean you are flippant or don’t care about people.

It’s essential you care about who you are approaching.

And develop that magical aloofness.

You need to come from a posture of “INDIFFERENCE.”

“You need people in your business, but you don’t need any particular person for your business.”

When you adopt this kind of an attitude, you won’t come off as needy, clingy, or desperate to your prospects, which by the way makes you more attractive.

There’s an old saying:

“He who cares the least holds the most power.”

It’s not about being flippant or uncaring.

Rather it’s about living in the real world.

If that one person doesn’t join you, you know there are lots of other fish in the sea.

Don’t be addicted to any one person’s decision. If they say ‘no,’ your world won’t end. Your life will go on. Don’t weep and moan and don’t follow up with them forever.

Sometimes NO actually means NO!

Don’t become that needy, clingy person.

I use to be very guilty of this but…

Attractive people don’t operate with a hidden agenda.

We’ve all dealt with people in our lives with a hidden agenda.

Every time they do something nice for you, they expect you to give in return.

They’re not doing the nice thing just because it’s nice.

They’re doing it because they want – and expect – something in return.

They might give you something, but deep down they’re hoping you’ll post pictures and thank them on social media and say…

“Oh, you’re so wonderful. Thank you for this awesome present.”

…giving them public recognition so they look good.

Hidden agendas make people highly unattractive.

When you just do something nice for someone else, without expecting something nice in return, that instantly makes you more attractive.

Doing something nice can be as simple as sharing valuable content on the Internet or helping someone solve a problem.

Unfortunately, in the network marketing profession, we see this all the time.

Some people will contact “long lost” friends on social media and say…

“Hey, what are you doing, Bill? I haven’t seen you since that last big task we had to do on the job. How’s it going?”

They ask questions that make it seem like they really, genuinely want to connect.

Then just a few seconds into the conversation, they abruptly switch to…

“Oh hey, by the way, I’ve got this great opportunity you should look at.”

It’s an act. A false front.

It smells like a hidden agenda.

The person they’re talking to knows it.

“He wasn’t interested in talking to me at all. He just had a hidden agenda. He just wanted to sell me his thing.”

Go into any relationship genuinely wanting to help the other person solve a problem.

That will instantly make you more attractive, and make people want to help you in return.

You’ve seen it…

Attractive people are confident.

…and confident people are attractive.

Isn’t it interesting how two people, especially in network marketing, can follow exactly the same script and get completely different results?

This is why, in my personal opinion, scripts are mostly unless – even though they give you a good framework to have a conversation.

Even so, I’ve heard some top earners say…

“Here’s my script, it’s exactly what I say.”

All the fanboys and girls react by saying…

“Oh man, I got to write down exactly what she said.”

They try to use the exact same script, and it doesn’t work.


Simple, as Eric Worre says…

“Your success in this business has to do with WHO you were before you joined this business.”

If you had great relationships with people, who perceive you as a successful person, and you’re talking to people about creating financial success, that’ll have more bearing on whether you are successful using a script.

But the another reason is confidence.

Two people might say exactly the same thing, but because one person says it with no confidence it won’t work.

The successful person comes from a “take it or leave it” attitude.

“I understand you need what I’ve got more than I need you to join me or buy from me.”

That person has confidence in their offer and their ability to help other people, so the script works for them.

No matter what “script” they use, they’ll still perform better, and therefore they’re more attractive.

So how can you have confidence when you’re brand new, or haven’t produced results yet?

If you haven’t read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker, I strongly recommend it.

Eker, talks about a paradigm shift from…

“Have, do, be.”


“Be, do, have.”

What most people think is this:

“When I HAVE the things that successful and confident people have, then I can DO the things that successful people do, and then I’ll BE confident and successful.”

T. Harv Ecker says they’re approaching it the wrong way.

Successful people understand that it’s “be, do, have.”

They say…

“I’m going to BE confident; I’m going to go out there and be the way that a successful person would be. I’m going to think the way a successful person would think. That will then cause me to DO the things that confident people do. And when I start doing those things, I’ll HAVE the results successful and confident people have.”

So look at your own thinking.

If you’re coming from “have, do, be,” you need to flip the script!

Come from “be, do, have” instead.

The more you…

  • Practice, the more confident you'll become.
  • Get results, the more confident you'll become.
  • Help people, the more confident you'll become.
  • Invest in your knowledge, skills, and education, the more confident you'll become.

So go out and be confident, and results will come to you.

Finally, attractive people have highly-developed skills.

Let me take you back to my past.

When I first started attraction marketing the idea of doing a Facebook live scared me to death.

Now I was a lucky guy who had a daughter in this profession.

One day she told me Dad stop the procrastination, get out of your comfort zone, and just do it.

So that day I went out on the deck, put my IPhone on a tripod I bought a year before (yes that is how long it was until I overcame my fear), and hit the live button.

It was a disaster and when I look back at it I laugh my head off but…

I began to develop the skill.

So flash forward to this weekend and a visit from one of my team members. They had the same fear I had about doing a live and because I’d done it many times it was easy to teach them how to overcome the fear and develop the skill.

They are now doing lives every week and loving it!

Once you develop a skill it becomes second nature and you can teach other to do the same.

In our profession...

When you’ve developed a skillset and can confidently say…

“Look, I can help you succeed in your business because I know how to do X, Y, and Z.”

You instantly become, YES, more attractive!

You're now more desirable to join than everybody else in your company who just says…

“I’ve got a great comp plan, a great product, and a ground floor opportunity.”

When you tell prospects…

“I’ve built a system to help you succeed.”


“I’m going to give YOU personal coaching based on my knowledge of recruiting, closing, building systems for duplication, or whatever.”

…You instantly become more attractive - Just like that!

So, that said, here’s a quick recap of the 5 secrets all attractive people have…

  1. Be more interested in the other person than yourself
  2. Don’t be clingy, needy, or desperate
  3. Don’t operate from a hidden agenda - just help people without expecting anything in return.
  4. Be confident and remember: “be, do, have,” …not “have, do, be.”
  5. Develop your skills.

I hope this helps you build a massive business!

And if you haven’t been investing in your education and developing your skills…

Now’s the time to start!

Knowledge and skills will…

  • Help you listen to others to discover how you can help them
  • Enable you to realize there are plenty of people who are already interested in what you have to offer
  • Give you the confidence to deal with all kinds of prospects – even the ones who say “no”
  • Make you instantly more attractive to your prospects

And the best ways to work on those skills you ask?

Take advantage of this FREE Attraction Marketing Training.

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To Your Success!

Larry Felder

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