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Larry Felder

Blindly Following Your Upline’s Advice Could Lead To…


For years I was in multiple “Old School” (traditional) Network Marketing companies and…

For years I blindly followed my upline’s advice no matter what.

After all I was coachable!

Now I’m going to tell you something today that may tick off your upline but…

After years of following multiple uplines advice I found the same pattern repeating itself over and over again.

And this is what I’ve learned…

If you blindly execute your upline’s “Old School Formula For Success” it’s very likely to results in misery, humiliation, and ultimately FAILURE.

After years of experiencing this myself I found a way to solve the problem and will share that with you later in this article.

Have you experienced this?

Unfortunately many network marketing upline make you feel doing this business is easy.

They typically sell it in such a way that it makes you believe if you just listen to your upline, and follow the steps; you’ll have massive success fast and get results immediately.

Unfortunately for most of us, that’s not how it works.

…and I can PROVE it!

Let’s start with this…

Question: What are network marketers and entrepreneurs actually PAID for?

Well it’s pretty simple.

Unlike that job, where you’re paid to work…

Entrepreneurs/network marketers are actually only paid when they get results.

And to get results, you need to have specific skills.

And these skills are acquired by learning, taking action, getting results, and then evaluating those results.

Again, here’s the process:

  1. Learn
  2. Take action
  3. Get results
  4. Evaluate

So how is this different from the way most network marketing upline train their people to implement their formula for success?

This is what I’ve learned…

Most uplines fail to have a process in place to evaluate what you’re learning.

In fact it’s almost an afterthought.

And It’s not emphasized in their formula for success.

What’s happened to me over the years was this vital step to success was not even mentioned, because…

This is what I heard over and over again…

“If you just follow the steps, you’ll become a millionaire; you’ll live in that dream home, drive that dream car, and have time freedom.”

Have you heard that one?

Here is the truth “plugging into the system,” is only the start…

It’s the learning part.

Here is another truth; have you lived this one?

Some upline don’t even tell you what to do.

They leave you stranded and you end up trying to figure out what to do next.

And if they do tell you what to do, they never tell you HOW to do it.

What I’ve discovered is with many upline the learning part is even left out.

Now that’s not always the case so for argument’s sake, let’s say you’re being plugged into a system where you’re able to learn a few things.

Then, after you learn, you’re told to take action, right?

So when you “take action” what tends to happen when you’re learning a new skill?

You’re going to fail.

…that’s the result.

What happen to me was I got into an argument with friends, family, and co-workers because I tried to prospect them.

Plus, when I finally began to learn the skills of cold calling I got massive rejection.

Let’s face it, if you’re taking action using traditional methods the results are not always pretty.

In fact for most of us, it’s going to be a brutal experience, dealing with a lot of negativity, and a lot of people who don’t support you.

What typically happens to most people is they bring in no new team members, have no new people to talk to, and quickly exhaust their warm market.

They fall flat on their face and make minimal sales or actually end up losing money.

That’s the result.

You’ve taken action and all of a sudden you’re out all this money after you invested in tools, travel, products, and all those other expenses.

People are not returning your calls.

You take the action, you leave a message, you follow the script, and you’re sent to the answering machine with no call back.

That’s the result.

So the repeating pattern I’ve lived over the years is…

Learn the Old School Formula For Success, take action, and the result most the time is failure.

Let me let you in on a little secret…

This is normal.

But that’s not what you’re told about network marketing when you get started!

Failure is normal but it’s what you do afterwards that actually matters.

What ends up happening is they tell you to keep going.

They say something like this, “All those people you talked to are losers.”

They identify the people that were negative as losers, meaning their opinion doesn’t matter.

It goes like this…

“They have a crappy mindset, but you’re the winner. You’re the one that’s in this business. You’re the one who’s taking action. So keep on doing what you’re doing. Remember it’s a numbers game. You’re going to find people who are going to be as passionate about this as you are. Blah, blah, blah, blah…”

That’s what you’re told.

And you’re thinking…

“Okay, the result is not my fault. The result is not my responsibility and it’s not my upline’s fault either. He/she gave me good advice; the people I’ve talked to so far just suck.”

That’s one of the repeating patterns.

Most of the time if you really want to succeed you just pick yourself off the ground and you try again and...

You’re going to fail, again!

In fact what happened to me was I experienced the same result or got worse results.

And this would happen to my small downline because I was not taught properly so what I saw was…

After a few iterations of this garbage, most of them quit.

And for those who stuck to it and didn’t change you get the same results – over and over again creating a permanent pattern of failure.

That’s what I’ve seen over and over again and…

It becomes too painful and at a certain point people just quite.

So you see it’s possible your upline’s advice is wrong and it’s their fault.

That’s also possible.

If you’re doing things old school, home parties, home meetings, mall hunting, cold calling, then your upline or the organization might bear some responsibility for your failure…

Most upline don’t understand and can’t bring you into the 21st century.

They are stuck in their old school comfort zone.

Does this make sense so far?

But even if that’s your situation…

Blaming your upline doesn’t do you any good!

What ends up happening is this…

You learn something, you take action, you get a result…but you fail to be taught how to evaluation those results.

And you end up blaming yourself for your results.

  • “I’m not good at this.”
  • “I suck at network marketing.”
  • “I’m going to quit.”

Or you blame your upline, pushing the responsibility off on them.

And you get nowhere.

So if you are actually learning something take the pressure off your upline and…

Assume your upline’s advice is actually pretty good.

Let’s for a moment assume you’re working with an upline who’s teaching you a new strategy.

Yet you’re still experiencing failure and nothing is working.

What I’ve discovered in this case was I had not been taught how to evaluate.

Let’s face it, in our profession most people are never taught to evaluate results.

Most people in network marketing are led to believe that action is the end game.

And that’s where the process ends.

But, when I stopped just taking action and began to evaluate the results I started to get much better results!

So what I want to show you now is a vital step to your success…


Regardless of:

  • Who your upline is,
  • The advice or the feedback you’re getting,
  • Whether you’re learning attraction marketing, social media recruiting, or even old school.

Whatever the strategy…

Evaluating allows you to get closer to what’s actually going to work for you.

Most people judge rather than evaluate.

This is actually a normal human reaction!

They’re judging themselves, or they’re judging their upline, because…

“Hey you told me there was going to be a formula for my success and now it’s not working. So I’m either going to judge you, or I’m going to judge myself, that’s it.”

But in reality evaluation doesn’t have any judgment.

Evaluation is a process that assesses the available data so you can come up with the next step in the solution process.

Here’s how it works…

You ask what’s working for me.

Then you write down three things that worked about what you did.

As an example: One of those things that worked, might be you got a good result and learned something new.

Evaluation gets you closer to where you want to go, and you begin to eliminate the frustrated and negative emotions, you stop blaming somebody else for your lack of success and take control your business.

It’s a process that allows you to adjust every time you take action, so your results are not a negative experience anymore but a learning process.

A result is just information.

When you evaluate properly you get closer to your goals and what you want to achieve because…

You’re evaluating and making those vital adjustments.

So what’s the process?

First, ask…

1. “What worked?”

Make a list of three things that worked.

Evaluate what you learned.

As an example: Maybe you were doing things and it was going along smoothly and then at a certain point, things took a wrong turn.

Make a list of what was working before the wrong turn.

When you follow this process you’re always cataloging the things that worked for you, and there’s always something that worked.

Don’t judge the results evaluate the results.

By taking your emotions out of it you’re able to evaluate and answer questions about what worked.

This approach allows you to get closer to your goals.

If you judge yourself and beat yourself or others up, you get nowhere and set up the repeating pattern of failure.

The next step is to ask…

2. “What didn’t work?”

Make a list of two things that didn’t work.

Again, it’s not a blaming thing.

As an example: Let’s say you get negative feedback from a prospect. Instead of reacting negatively look at this as helpful information that you can learn from to make better choices next time.

Make sure you stay focused and write only two things that didn’t work.

Not five, not ten.

Don’t go crazy with what didn’t work.

Only two things.

The last step is to ask…

3. “What might I do differently?”

Write one thing, one adjustment to your process, strategy, or technique, that you might do differently.

Find that one thing you might do differently, based on the answers from the previous two questions.

When you make the adjustment, you’re doing something differently, based on the data you evaluated.

That gets you closer to producing the result you want.

This process is a simple three, two, one:

  1. “What did work?” 3 things.
  2. “What didn’t work?” 2 things.
  3. “What might I do differently?” 1 thing.

By the way, you can teach this to your downline also so they have a process to evaluate their results, get better results, and become team leaders.

Here’s the point, when you use this simple strategy…

Regardless of whether you’re being taught old school, Facebook advertising, or social media strategies…

Evaluating results enables you to move closer to where you want to go.

You’re able to make incremental changes based on the data you’re observing, and you’re consistently moving closer to the outcome you want.

One last point I’m not saying what your upline is teaching you isn’t important.

It is!

What I’m sharing with you is what I’ve learned with the last several companies…

Doing this business old school, even if you are going through the evaluation process, still takes a very long time to get the results you want.

So you may want to actually evaluate the old school process…

You may want to start with what is working…

  1. “I’m getting limited results,
  2. I’m retaining a small downline,
  3. I’m teaching some techniques that work.”

Then you may ask what didn’t work…

  1. “I’m not getting the results I need to grow a business from hosting home parties, hunting the malls, staking friends and family, being rejected by my co-workers, doing endless cold calls and follow ups,
  2.  My massive investment of time is not producing the time freedom I want.”

One caution, don’t get emotional…

Look at the data to decide…

“Is building my current way working for me?”

And finally ask what might you do differently?

  1. “Well, you might go online to see what else is out there.”

That’s how the process works.

The important thing is…

When you’re going through this evaluation process, you’re constantly adjusting.

…and every iteration is gives you better information to get a better result.

Every time you try something, it gives you valuable new information you can adjust so you do a better job.

Sometimes, part of the evaluation process will tell you…

“Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this anymore. This is not working for these reasons.”

Just make sure those reasons are not based on judgment or emotion.

Stick to the cold, hard facts.

Then what might you do differently?

When you’re constantly evaluating, you’re virtually guaranteed success.

If you’re doing this evaluation process, you can’t fail.

You’re always going to be making adjustments that get you a little closer to the results you want.

If you’re currently going through an evaluation process about how you plan to build your business…

And you’re looking for a way to take advantage of 21st Century strategies…

Part of that process could be looking for a new path.

Or maybe you’re not there yet, but you realize there has to be a better way than what you’re currently being taught.

So evaluate it!

Does it work for you to be…

  • Doing old school strategies; prospecting strangers in public?
  • Approaching every conversation with an agenda in the back of your mind?
  • Taking time away from your family to go to meetings, home parties, and no shows?

Or might you do something different that still moves you closer to your goals, but removes what’s not working for you in your life?

Hopefully, this helped you think a little differently.

None of this is about blaming anybody else.

Blindly following anybody’s advice and trusting it’s going to work for you, without evaluation and adjustments, is always going to lead to failure.

So have you finally gotten to that point like I did a couple of years ago and…

You’re ready to evaluate attraction marketing to see if it works for you?

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Larry Felder

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