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Larry Felder

6 Steps To Blend Offline And Online For Lightning Faster Results


This question keeps coming up do I do…

Online or offline?

Here is why I see this question often…

There is a “battle royale” between the “onliners” and “offliners”.

And it bowls down to this…

How should you build your network marketing business, because folks in either corner are constantly slugging it out saying “their way is best”.

Ya and it get pretty ugly sometimes!

Now I’m going to surprise you and let you know that it takes both if you truly want to grow fast…

In fact if you learn the secrets of both you can even get even better results to boot.

So let’s get into it and I’ll introduce you to what a multi million dollar earner share with me at a recent secret meeting.

As network marketers many of us have been told to…

  • Create a list of 100 people
  • Talk to friends, family, and co workers
  • Fake it till you make it
  • Maybe the timing is not right
  • “No” doesn’t mean “No”
  • The fortune is in the follow-up
  • It’s not selling, it’s sharing
  • Shift and sort
  • Share with everybody you meet
  • We have a million dollar offer
  • Show the plan, show the plan, show the plan
  • Let’s go mall hunting

These are some of the old-school, traditional, belly-to-belly ways to market.

Now here is what’s funny…

There are similarities to old school and how you your business online.

Starting with…

Especially if you’re first starting out and just need to get it going…

Did you know you could talk with everyone within “three feet” of you online?

And it just doesn’t matter what social media platform you use.

If someone approaches you, after checking them out and seeing if you want them in your business, you should start networking with them.

Let’s use Facebook as an example…

You should send a personal message to anyone who…

  • Sends you a friend request
  • Likes or shares one of your posts
  • Comments on a post or an ad (more on this in a moment)

First get to know them…

Ask them about their family, business, their goals, what they do for fun, were they are from, (you know FROM online), and most important what they’re struggling with.

This allows you to find out rather quickly if they keep their options open in terms of making money outside of what their currently doing.

It is important to start off with one social media platform in the beginning and master that one before moving to another platform.

My personal choice is Facebook because you have access to over 2 billion people across the GLOBE and…

You can use Facebook’s advertising platform to connect with people who are already interested or actively building a network marketing business.

…which means they aren’t skeptical that your business is a “pyramid scheme” or a “scam.”

Unlike “Sharing with everybody you meet.”

On social media you can make lists of targeted “interest groups” highly likely to respond to your product or prospecting offer.

For example if you are in the weight loss business you may want to target weight loss program such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, or South Beach diet.

And if you are actively prospecting target big name guru like Tony Robbins or Robert Kiosaki.

So instead of making a list of 100 people who very likely aren’t interested in started a business, you can actually talk to people who are interested and have that entrepreneurial desire.

And there are big advantages over old school…

  • No more dealing with unresponsive friends and family members.
  • No more getting rejected by strangers in whatever strange land you find yourself prospecting.


Talking to people who are already interested in what you have to offer is more than half the battle, so your rejection is almost nil, and closing ratio soars.

Now that said…

At the end of the day online methods are similar to offline, because many times you’re still going to hear “no.”

That’s just the way the ball rolls.

It’s still a number’s game but with…

Numbers that work in your favor because you are talking to people who understand what you have to offer and when ready to “buy” take you up on that offer.

Hence the timeline advice…

Now there’s wisdom in this old school skill set so…

How do you follow-up online?

Well there are many forms of follow-up you can take online, and to save you time many of them are completely automated!

Here are some examples:

  • You can follow-up via email
  • You can follow-up by providing content on your blog
  • You can follow-up with a Facebook Live
  • You can follow up with a video chat process
  • You can follow up with a text message
  • You can follow up with an automated online application system
  • Or you can host a webinar

It’s a new way of doing business with today’s technology.

You’re not limited to the phone because...

Social media is highly-leveraged and has many automated follow-up channels.

There are SO many options.

But what’s important to remember is that you’re still talking to people.

Offline and online networking overlap each other because you’re going to have to talk to people and build that relationships.

Let me say that again…

You’re going to have to talk to people!

Because if you’re not…

  • Reaching out and talking to your prospects,
  • Connecting with your audience,
  • Getting out there and building relationships, and
  • Eventually automating everything possible

…you’re not building a real business.

So don't kid yourself...

At a recent meeting with one of my mentors the subject of work come up...

One of the things he said was…

“This profession is a lot of hard work!”

Well, I’m going pop your bubble…

It’s not going to fall into your lap this business takes hard work and time to build.

Whether you’re doing off line or online, it’s still requires hard work.

Especially in your first couple of years.

You’re not going to avoid it, you can’t get around it, you can’t wish it away, you can’t hope there’s an easy button…

You just need to do the work.


You can’t spell “networking” without “working!”

The first year you’re online is the most critical year in your business.

This is your year of building trust.

It take about a year of being online, a year of consistently being seen by your audience, a year of providing value, education, and training for people to grow to trust you.

It’s easy to get distracted.

It’s easy to lose focus.

So let’s get honest…

If you’re teaching everybody how to build a business online using a specific strategy and all of a sudden you start promoting a different strategy.

Within your first year, you’re going to lose trust with your audience.

If you’re always looking for the next best thing you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand.

So stop wasting time starting over again and again…

Choose a path and stick with it!

Commit to twelve solid months of delivering value to your audience.

Let’s put this in everyday terms…

If you’re dating someone, you’ve got to commit to them.

When you’re in a relationship, you’ve got to show up every single day.

It’s the same dynamic with your audience:

You’ve got to show up, keep your word, and fulfill expectations.

The moment you disappear, the moment you veer off-course, the moment you come up with a new strategy you’re going to break that trust.

And it’s near impossible to get it back on track when you don’t show up.

So commit to the process, because…

You’re becoming the go-to authority they’re seeking.

When you show up, provide value, truly build relationships you become the trusted person someone is looking for.

So, it’s time to ask yourself…

  • Are you committed to staying on the path?
  • Are you committed to following through?
  • Are you committed to serving your audience?

If you are, then don’t try to avoid the work.

  • Learn how to build relationships
  • Learn how to offer your product or service
  • And learn how to follow-up with people using the tools available in today’s online environment

Find out what’s going on in your prospects’ world and match your product or service and your, opportunity to their needs.

There will always a problem to solve so become the solution provider.

When you bring your offline business online you have massive advantages!

You can…

  • Follow up easier though the Internet than you ever could before
  • Easily connect with over 100 people every single day using the Internet
  • Get more “nos” faster to get to your “yeses” sooner
  • Show people your opportunity or product/service, without having to invite them to a hotel or your home for that “no show” meeting

You can do so many things that have been traditionally done offline by blending them with the online world.

Sure, there are some technical skills you need to learn, and I’m here to tell you, you’re going to get frustrated at first, we all have that experience.

It takes time to develop these skill so give it time.

If you’re reading this article, you are among a small percentage of people who actually understands or are actively looking for the solution of how to build a network marketing business online.

You’re a minority in our profession so…

Use this special time in history to your advantage!

Give yourself twelve months.

Commit to the process and make sure you’re taking action every day.

It’s your opportunity right now to “embrace the future” and be a network marketing pioneer who successfully builds their businesses online and does what it takes to move forward.

You have the opportunity - right now - to be a part of the select few who will transform the network marketing profession.

After all, we know that’s where the profession is going.

And there’s no way around it.

In ten years, you won’t even recognize our profession.

But one thing will always remain the same…

Network marketing is one of the most powerful ways a person in a 9-5 job can transform their lives in the quickest way possible by building their own business.

So be a pioneer.

Get out there and connect with people, make some mistakes, and have some fun!

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To Your Success!

Larry Felder

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