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7 Proven Tips That Create Long-Term Facebook Marketing Success

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Below Is A Facebook Live Presentation that was given on 13 Dec 2017 Click on the Video to see: “7 Proven Tips That Create Long-Term Facebook Marketing Success”  7 Proven Tips That Create Long-Term Facebook Marketing SuccessThere are now over 2 billion people on Facebook globally. Facebook is also quickly becoming the […]

Are Your Leaders Secretly Recruiting Using The Internet?

Do you know many network marketing leaders are secretly using the internet to prospect and recruit, while they are telling YOU to keep it “Old School?” Their justification seems to go like this “as a leader I’ve never seen anyone build a BIG business using the internet.” What I’ve been told is stop being distracted building online […]

Why Top Recruiters Are Almost NEVER Top Earners

Last week, I had a great conversation with a couple of top earners and friends of mine Whit and Cari who are creating a fast growing network marketing business. They are actually part of a small elite group of top producers, they are part of the 7-Figure Earner INVICTUS leadership of Elite Marketing Pro and have […]

What to Do When Prospects Give You Excuses…

Below Is A Facebook Live Presentation that was given the week after Thanksgiving 2017 on Click on the Video to see: “How To Eliminate Excuses Makers & Winners From Your Business” You can see more videos at successwithlarryfelder. Are you are absolutely fed up hearing the following excuses when building your network marketing business: Are you are […]

3 Strategic Steps To Build Your Network Marketing Business Online

Are you tired of prospecting friends, family, and co-workers, doing home meetings, endless cold calling, mall hunting, and being accused of selling that “pyramid thing”? If you are like I was, you are ready to take your network marketing business online. I’ve done all the “old school” techniques in my network marketing journey. I’ve called […]

5 Tips To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

I just got a call from an old friend on a radical new idea to build a Network Marketing business. He said “I’m not trying to recruit you” but just want to share a new idea that will launch your network marketing business…. Have you been there? I’ve known this friend for a long time […]

Left A 6-Figure Corporate Income For Freedom

Lessons Learned From A Military Retiree, Who Went To Corporate America Found A Program, Gave Up A 6-Figure Income To Obtain The Freedom Of Entrepreneurship. My Journey To Become An Entrepreneur I remember the day I made the decision to retire from the military. I got a call from the Center Vice Commander telling me […]

5 Questions To Help Qualify Your Prospect!

When I first started in the network marketing profession and was in the prospecting mode I did all the talking about what I knew and how great I was. Have to apologies to all those poor souls who went through this process with me. And it did not work… Hear is the truth, if your […]