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3 Simple Steps To Build Your Value

Attraction Marketing is the buzz word these days.It is thrown around everywhere you look in our profession but…Many times those throwing the term around don’t really understand the strategy.One of the key factors to Attraction Marketing is what value you bring to the market place. You’re only worth as much as the amount of value […]

Build Your Business With Confidence In 4 Simple Steps

When I first started in Network Marketing fear ruled my life.The fear of rejectionThe fear of losing friendsThe fear of criticismThe fear of what my colleagues might think of meStatus has a funny why of ruling our lives sometimes…You name it, in the beginning I was paralyzed with all kinds of fear.Have you been there?You […]

Following Popular Thinking Can Kill Your Business

Do You Accept Popular ThinkingI just spent over two hours this morning in a strategy session with my upline leaders to discussing an innovative approach to help our team grow.Bill has always been open to the idea that popular thinking may not be the way to move forward and embraces new ideas.It was a refreshing […]

2 Simple Steps To Make Money Fast

I’ve just completed an exclusive Ray Higdon course that I paid top dollar for…It was worth every dollar!!During this course he talked about many things including one of the most important things you need to focus on in your business…He said if you are not making a million dollars a year you need to focus […]

How To Choose The Best Facebook Marketing Method

I was a late comer to Facebook…In fact when Facebook put out it’s “what is your value analysis” my value was zero! – LOLThen Network Marketing came along and my old school teachers taught all the wrong ways to use Facebook to “build” a business.How about you?So let’s clear things up.What is the best way […]

4 Steps To Become An Effective Leader

Leadership SeminarsDynamic growth comes through personal development… One tool to add are seminars to your personal development program. Recently I had the pillage of attending a John Maxwell seminar hosted by my company. During this seminar he focused on leadership and skill development. So I went back and read one or his books again “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of […]