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Who is Larry Felder: 

  1. What is this blog about: I have two passions in life. First the success with Larry Felder Blog provides a platform to teach Network/Affiliate Marketer and home base business owners how to establish a profitable online business. Second is to provide advice on health and wellness and how you can live a better life. We provide training and mentorship. We teach strategies to help you create a long-term profitable business and maintain good health. The challenge within the network profession today is most companies teach “old school” techniques that are 40 plus years old and do not work well in today’s environment. Leaders do this because they do not know how to build a business online. Today “old school” methods result in a 95% failure rate — not good if that is you. The purpose of this blog is to share attraction marketing strategies and techniques with you and help you develop the single most important skill set needed to create a profitable business — recruiting a team, teaching that team how to duplicate a proven system, and creating sales funnels to maximize profit.
  1. Who am I: My name is Larry Felder. I’m a business social media and branding & health coach. About 9 years ago I was introduced to the profession of Network Marketing. During this timeframe I was involved with several companies. One went public and we lost the ability to build a business the way we wanted. One had no system or training of any kind and left their distributors looking for anyone who would provide training. A couple were startups that were under capitalized and failed within 4 years. But the most important factor was none of these taught how to build a business online. They all used “Old School” training. You know friends and family.
  2. So I went online to learn how to generate leads, create momentum, and explore other methods of building a business without using the “Old School” techniques that have not changed in over 40 years and no longer work.
  3. This is when I come across Elite Marketing Pro’s (EMP) Attraction Marketing Formula and ten day boot camp. This simple formula changed my life in several ways. First it truly taught me how to build a network marketing business online using 21st Century strategies. The best thing about being introduced to this group was the association with 6- and 7- figure earners from multiple companies across the globe.
  4. And that is where I found my current company. The products changed my life and set me on a path to teach what I had learned. This is not your typical network marketing company. They are a company that you can build entirely online. Plus my 7-figure earner upline are all EMP members and have created the perfect easy to use duplicatable online system based in the teachings of EMP! Plus I the products have truly changed my life.
  5. So my gift to, you within the pages of this blog, is to give you access to a valuable mastermind community. This community allows you to ask questions, get help, and meet others just like you who are using the attraction marketing formula to build their business. Our community has weekly and monthly meetings, live hang outs where your questions can be answered. Something I recognized early on was while the information inside our available ebook is life changing, it helps to have someone who is willing to mentor and train you, and answer your questions. I offer that opportunity to you. The opportunity to have personal support and the training needed to make our ebook work for you. My passion is helping you create the success you want by being that mentor and guide that helps you create success in your business. I have your best interest in mind. How can I best serve you?
  6. How do you contact me: I can be reached via a Personal Message on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/successwithlarryfelder/; via email: larryfelder@successwithlarryfelder.com, or via skype (My Skype name is felderll).
  7. So what is your next step to creating a highly profitable business?  I can provide YOU an easy way to recruit people into your Network Marketing/Home Based Business Online that is rejection FREE, does not waste your time & money chasing dead beat prospects & leads. Start here: The Attraction Marketing Formula.

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