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5 Tips To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

I just got a call from an old friend on a radical new idea to build a Network Marketing business. He said “I’m not trying to recruit you” but just want to share a new idea that will launch your network marketing business….

Have you been there?

I’ve known this friend for a long time and watched over the years as he jumped from one “new idea” to the next “new idea”.

He is a recruiting master and over the years I’ve watched his teams come into his business and leave because they are asked to do something different every week and can never get traction with any one idea to produce results. They get frustrated and quite.

Those of you who know me know I’m a Disney nut. During my Air Force career there where many times that I was away from the family and Disney World was always the place we went to get the family back together.

So what does that have to do with the subject?!

Simple, how many of you have seen the movie UP?

In one of the scenes a young boy is having a conversation with a dog (Dug). The young boy is about to get the answer he needs to complete his mission when Dug sees a squirrel and is immediately distracted by the squirrel and does not answer the boys question. This happens over and over again and the boy never gets the answer he needs from Dug.

Dug, like my friend, is suffering from “Shinny Object Syndrome” and cannot focus on one thing long enough to produce success.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect having suffered from this syndrome also. In fact it got so bad I was about to completely hang up my dreams of building a network marketing business and settle for the corporate life I had grown to hate.

Instead I studied the problem and came up with an approach that allowed me to avoid the shiny objects, focus on a single strategy, and quit my job within a year.

I’m now full time in my network marketing business and enjoying life like never before.

But before I share these tips let’s talk about the warning signs…

Warning Signs You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome

  1. Do you move from one network marketing strategy to another looking for the “secret”, but never find it?
  2. Do you try to implement every new idea your upline or crossline comes up with looking for the “magic formula”, but never get the ideas implemented?
  3. Do you change your Daily Mode Of Operation (DMO) based on other distributor’s, but never execute the DMO?
  4. Do you move from one skill to another, but never mastering any one skill?
  5. Do you spend your time going from one training class to another, but never implement any of the training?
  6. Do you have 20 Network Marketing strategies on paper, but none are being implemented?
  7. Do you go to every meeting your company offers, but never build the business?
  8. Do you constantly start building a team, then find something “that will work better” and pass it to your team, but your team never duplicates?

You are not alone, MILLIONS of people suffer from Shinny Object Syndrome and most don’t know how to get out of the endless cycle of starting something but never finishing it.

This was the story of my life – how about you?

But there is a solution that works….

5 Tips to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

With all the network marketing tips and the latest greatest thing on the internet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and become a victim of Shiny Object Syndrome.

It’s tempting to implement every new idea you come across and push these new ideas into your team.

So how do you overcome this challenge….

Your first step to avoiding shiny object syndrome is to build a bridge to the future you want. There is point A (where you are now) and point B (where you want to be). To get from point A to point B you need to build a bridge.

You build a bridge by picking a single strategy to get you to the other side. Then working that strategy until the bridge is complete.

Starting the bridge over and over again with different strategies is a symptom of shiny object syndrome and your never build the bridge so never get to the other side.

There are three primary strategies you can pick to build your network marketing business. They are “old school”, mixed marketing, and attraction marketing.

Each strategy has its pros and its cons. Also you need to make sure the strategy you pick is one compatible with your value system. I choose attraction marketing because I had worked the other strategies and came to the conclusion I was tired of wasting my time chasing dead beat leads and executing tiered worn out “old school” techniques.

For your own peace of mind, it is also critical you find a mentor who can help you understand the pros and cons of each strategy and help you build a plan to execute the one strategy you will use to build your bridge.

If you are suffering from shiny object syndrome chances are you’re probably already good at getting started. That said this is still a critical step to building your bridge. But more important than getting started is to KEEP GOING.

Victims of shiny object syndrome find themselves continually “starting” things, doing the easiest things, and then moving on to something else.

Unfortunately, too many sufferers of shiny object syndrome are continually in the starting spiral. They build half a bridge, stop and start to build the bridge all over again with another strategy. I call this the spiral of death!

Part of getting started is to make that decision. Indecision, paralysis, and the unknown future place you in a position where you leave your future to chance and not a plan. The failure to make a decision is often followed by procrastination, then guilt, followed by more procrastination.

Finally after you make the getting started decision commit to the strategy you’ve picked to build your bridge and stay with it until the bridge is complete.

If you are new to the network marketing profession or need some start up guidance click here: to read information on the top 6 network marketing tips for those just getting started.

I’m going to be honest with you because it has happen to me and many others who pursue their dreams there are days when you will struggle. Things are going to get bad as you build the bridge – sometime real bad.

This is the time most people who suffer from shiny object syndrome quite building the first bridge and look for the next shiny object to start the building process all over again.

Success is hard and human nature engages our fight or flight instinct. At this point on the success journey you need to make the decision to fight and get the job done or you will forever run from the struggle.

That always brings me back to my Dad who said “If it’s worth doing – it SHOULD be hard. KEEP ON KEEPING ON.”

If you quit here, you’ll never be cured of shiny object syndrome and doom yourself to never completing that bridge that will change your life.

This is the final and crucial step. FINISH THE BRIDGE. Work to an end point. Don’t stop half way across the river and drown. Never leave any task half-way done. FINISH IT.

That said you may not be successful in every task. By finishing the tasks to complete of the bridge you set up a habit pattern of getting things done and this is often more important than the task.

Many times the foundation of long term success is built on a foundation failure, if you learn from that failure. If you are learning a new skill set to complete your bridge don’t stop until the skill is mastered and the product is complete. FINISH THE THING.

Once you create this habit, you’ll find the shiny newness of a new strategy doesn’t really compare with the completed bridge that took you where you wanted to be in life.


So do I regret going after the next shiny objects?

YES and NO.

NO because I’ve learned from these experiences.

YES because here’s the interesting thing…

Building you bridge to completion with one strategy gives you the advantage of investing the time needed to master the skills of success.

That is why I choose “attraction marketing” as the single strategy for success. Our 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp provide the professions cutting edge strategy to attracting people to help you build that bridge.

The choice is yours build the bridge to completion with a single strategy or drown half way across the river.

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