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5 Steps To Build A Team Based On Permission Leadership Vol 2

One of our team members during or weekly team training sessions brought up a new innovative idea in our open format and shared this with the entire team.

It ended up being a fabulous idea and resulted in rank advancing several other team members over the next 90 days.

As I said in the blog article 5 Steps To Build A Team Based On Permission Leadership Vol 1 ideas like this don’t just fall out of the sky but are the results of how you treat your team. A dictatorial leader rarely receives ideas from his team because they fear for their lives.

It takes a permission based leadership style to get a team to feel like they are part of the solution and bring those great ideas forward.

Now let me ask you, do you want to build a team but are afraid you don’t have the leadership skills to pull it off?

Ever said something like “I know others can do this but not sure I can”.

To build that team are you looking for a prospecting process that is rejection free?

One of the biggest challenges in in building a network marketing team is dealing with people.

As a network marketing leader I came to understand dealing with people was something you learned by self-improvement and self-education.

Quite simply the principles of leadership are timeless, have been tested throughout the years, and apply in many different situations.

Those who learn and apply these principles grow successful teams. So it’s worth the study and application of these principles if you want to grow a dynamic team.

John Maxwell, in his book “How Successful People Lead”, lays out the principles of leadership and in a two part blog article I want to share the upside and the down side of permission based leadership.

In Vol 1 of this series I discussed the upside of permission based leadership so…

Let’s now talk about the downside…

In this section of John’s book he talks about how in a hard-charging, high-performance, leadership-intensive environment, leading by permission may appear “soft” to some people.

I know I’ve personally experienced this as a military leader were caring for people and building relationships can be seen as weakness.

This was mainly because team members have a natural bias towards action rather than affection.

And to be honest there are times where actions had to be taken.

John states most people start their leadership focused on either the “hard” aspects of leadership (very prevalent in the military because productivity was needed now) or the “soft” aspects, meaning the relationship side.

He says those who start on the hard side never achieve great leadership because they never learn the soft side of leadership.

He says in contrast those who start on the soft side also fail because they only develop relationships but won’t move to the hard side when needed to get actions done.

It takes both skills to gain results.

It’s like a hand with one side being steel and the other velvet. You need both sides of the glove to be effective.

I lived this as an Air Force Flight Commander. I began the leadership building relationships (the soft side) but soon found out in order to get the mission done I had to transition to a very hard style of leadership because of the team I had inherited.

You must learn and execute both soft and hard styles to achieve results. Even in our profession of network marketing. Sometimes people need to hear the hard truth to move forward!

John points out many high achievers want to get things done NOW!

I’ve worked for this kind of leader…

They want things done now, don’t want anything slowing them down, or anyone getting in their way.

Permission leadership requires a leader to slow down; build a relationship and this can lead to frustration within some types of teams.

He says on the other side are leaders who do nothing but build relationships and the relationship becomes the end unto itself. This also leads to frustration when tasks never get done.

Sometimes when you have high end achievement followers they can get restless with the relationship build process and one of two things happens…

They work to take over or they quit.

So what to do…

Balance is the answer it is important to take the time to build a relationship but not get so tied up in relationship building that you lose focus on getting the mission done.

Now for those of us in network marketing it is no different. Relationship leadership is vital to success in our profession, but if you can’t get the mission done…

That is teaching someone how to get results, people will quit or if they are high end achievers just replace you with someone else.

As you build that relationship don’t forget to work on getting results with your customers or team members.

Non permission leaders are seen as no-nonsense leaders and use their position to distance themselves from their team. This can come across with intimidation.


a permission based leadership allows a team member to get closer to their leader, but there are team members who look at this as weakness and don’t respect boundaries.

They make the assumption there are no boundaries and take advantage of their leaders.

In this section John points out four kinds of people and how they think:

  1. Takers, who leverage the relationship to better themselves but not you or anyone else. They borrow your influence but keep the return.
  2. Developers, who leverage the relationship in a positive way, bettering themselves and you.
  3. Acquaintances, who are content to live off of their relationship with you passively, benefiting from successes but never contributing or taking responsibility to grow themselves.
  4. Friends, who enjoy their relationship with you, returning your goodwill and never take unfair advantage of it.

As John points out being relational is a risk and you may get hurt depending on what personality type you are leading.

But, as I’ve seen in our profession many times, the rewards are relationships that enrich your life and the lives of others.

To be a permission based leader requires openness, not being afraid to let others see your flaws, and having the ability to admit your mistakes and shortcomings.

Leaders who are not willing to do this don’t become close to their team and show false strength which…

if maintained builds a wall between the leader and his team so no authentic relationship ever happens.

To be a permission base leader you must be authentic, admit your mistakes, own up to your faults, and shortcomings.

John calls this being the “real deal” and is the one reason why many leaders never progress in their leadership style.

Now think about this…

In our network marketing profession what are you looking for?

What I’ve found is people are turn off these days with the false façade and are looking for authentic people they can team with to build their future.

Be the “real deal.”

Let’s face it there are those out there who are naturally gifted when it comes to working with people.

But for most of us it takes work to become an effective leader who knows how to develop relationships.

In this section John give 4 tips to help those who want to take their leadership to the next level.

  1. If you haven’t already, make a choice to care about others. Liking people and caring about people is a choice within your control.
  2. Look for something that is likable about every person you meet. It’s there. Make it your job to find it.
  3. Discover what is likable about yourself and do whatever you can to share that with every person you meet.
  4. Make the effort every day to express what you like about every person in your life.

John points out if you want to win people’s permission and lead effectively you must not only like people but become likeable yourself.

In this final section John talks about the reality of dealing with people you lead.

Whether we like it or not to be an effective leader, when dealing with people, you have to deal with the whole person.

You have to deal with their good side, their dysfunctions, home life, and quirks.

A good leader understands the heart of leadership is dealing with people and working with their good, bad, and ugly nature.

Sometimes these are the issue that make leadership “not fun” and if not handled right can create disillusionment in the people you lead.

The simple truth is we all have issues and to become a great leader you must learn how to deal with the whole person including all the issues that come with that.

A good leader deals with issues and leverages them to benefit the entire team. A good relationship building leader does not avoid problems they solve them.

Let’s face it most of the downsides of leadership is dealing with people. To be successful you must care about people, understand their good, bad, and ugly nature and rise above it, and build the relationship so you can set the path your team wants to follow.

As you can see leadership is a learned skill.

I currently work with teams as their leader in Network Marketing and help them overcome so they can move forward and learn the vital skills they need to lead their own teams.

Becoming a permission based leader is a journey…

It takes time to learn skills.

To quicken that journey I’ve harnessed the knowledge of leaders who have gone before me and used permission based leadership to build dynamic teams.

If you are interested in meeting one of my mentors who has help shape my leadership style, let me introduce you to someone I trust, Ferny Ceballos. He understands and practices permission leadership.

In his FREE 10 Day Bootcamp Ferny shows you how to recruit rejection free and how to develop your leadership skills so you can lead your team to success.

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Larry Felder

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