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5 Steps To Build A Team Based On Permission Leadership Vol 1

Several years ago a young Airman came into my office and brought a new idea to my attention. It ended up being a fabulous idea and putting it into action took our air traffic control to a new dynamic level of support for our many customers.

These kind of ideas don’t just fall out of the sky but are the results of how you treat your team. A dictatorial leader rarely receives ideas from his team because they fear for their lives.

It takes a permission based leadership style to get a team to feel like they are part of the solution and bring those great ideas forward.

Now let me ask you, do you want to build a team but are afraid you don’t have the leadership skills to pull it off?

Ever said something like this to yourself…

“Self I know others can do this but not sure I can”. LOL

To build that team are you looking for a prospecting process that is rejection free?

One of the biggest challenges in any organization is dealing with people.

As a retired Air Force officer I came to understand dealing with people was something you learned through formal education and by working for other leaders. If you learned these lessons well your reward was to be selected for command, the single most important job in the military.

Now you may be asking what does this have to do with Network Marketing Larry?

Good question…

Simple, the principles of leadership work both in the military and in your Network Marketing business. Leadership principles are timeless, have been tested throughout the years, and apply in many different situations.

Those who learn and apply the principles grow successful teams. So it’s worth the study and application of these principles if you want to grow a dynamic team.

During those military years I discovered one of my favorite authors, John Maxwell, who teaches great principles of leadership. I was also able to apply his principles in multiple commands and later in what became my new passion Network Marketing.

John in his book “How Successful People Lead” lays out the principles of leadership and in a two part blog article I want to share the upside and the down side of permission based leadership.

Let’s start with the upside…

In this section of John’s book he talks about permission leadership. He states these leaders like people and treat people as individuals. They develop relationships and win people over with interaction instead of using the power of their position.

This kind of leader is interested in the team not themselves and always focus on the “we’ not the “me.” In this kind of environment you create a positive setting to grow a team and your team wants to share and become part of the solution.

Today my biggest delight is seeing a team member succeed! Helping people do this in life can become your greatest treasure and the fastest why to grow a business.

Once you master this skill you begin to serve others, have their interest in mind, which bring out the best in them and results in you growing a dynamic team.

Ask yourself this…

What is your energy level when you spend time with people you don’t like? Exactly there is no energy because you don’t want to be there.

In this section John talks about how to establish a good relationship with your people so you can create energy in your team and help them connect with your vision.

When you invest time and effort to get to know people and build a good relationship, it actually pays off with greater energy once the relationships are built.

Not only that the building of these relationships create apositive, energetic environment where people are willing to give their best because they know the leader wants the best for them.

Just like that young Airman who came into my office so many years ago and a team member, who called this morning, just wanting to connect and compare notes so we could both improve our Network Marketing businesses.

Permission based leadership increases the energy level in you business.

When you deal with you current leadership do they listen to you, hear what you have to say, and move your ideas into action?

In this section John talks about how important it is to communicate with your team. He points out that permission leaders’ listens to their people, and their people listen to them.

Permission based leadership is having a two way conversation!

John points out the road to realizing your vision is to get other people to buy into that vision and make that vision their own. This is only accomplished after you have established two way communications and John recommends a 4 step process to do this:

  1. Ears – “I hear what you say”
  2. Eyes – “I see what you say”
  3. Heart – “I feel what you say”
  4. Undivided Attention – “I value who you are and what you say”

By following these simple steps you build a positive relationship and persuade people to follow you.

I’ve seen this work first hand…

As an example, that young Airman years ago who was part of our vision team and brought into the organization’s his vision. He came forward with great ideas that resulted in the squadron winning 7 Air Force level awards that year.

I’ve also seen this in our Network Marketing business where the team buys into the leader’s vision and comes up with ideas that not only help them but help the team grow to a new level they never thought possible.

John points out a permission leader is relationship driven and this is only possible when people respect and value one another.

Think about it, when you are part of a team that the leader does not respect you what is your relationship with that team…

Exactly, when there is no respect all relationships are diminished.

To lift someone up in a team a person must feel liked and respected.

We are all different, and bring different talents, ideas, and approaches. As a leader your job is to become aware of these unique talents and learn to appreciate different approaches.

He suggests a 4 step process to get to know your team members by asking:

  1. What three non business things do you know about this person?
  2. What does this person value?
  3. What are this person’s top three concerns?
  4. What does this person want or hope for in life?

One of the best ways I’ve used to get to know your team and build those relationships is at events you or your company sponsor.

During these events take the time to…

Meet individually with your team members and get to know them on a personal level. Find out what they want out of life, what are their values, dreams, and desires.

And take the additional step of letting them know how you can help them achieve these.

In this final section John talks about how you must have integrity with people to develop their trust because trust is the foundation of permission.

He states the more trust you develop the stronger the relationship. A strong relationship creates the permission to lead. It’s a process that takes time and effort to build.

He quotes Admiral James Stockdale in the book.

As a retired Air Force officer I had the privilege of know Admiral Stockdale on active duty and agree with his quote “When the crunch comes, people cling to those they know they can trust – those who are not detached, but involved.”

Well stated Admiral!

The power of permission based leadership is in those times when things are difficult. At those times people use relationships as a shelter. And in those times people use that relationship to grab onto opportunity as a launching pad.

The bottom line is people must trust you and feel safe with you to get to the point where they are willing to share ideas, question approaches, attempt something new, and take the risk that comes with your new opportunities.

Without trust leadership is weak and teamwork is impossible.

As both John and I have pointed out leadership is a learned skill.

I currently work with teams as their leader and teach them how to create a profitable Network Marketing business both offline and online.

And as pointed out in John’s article trust is the foundation.

So I want to introduce you to someone I trust, Ferny Ceballos. who is a friend, mentor, and leader. Ferny understands and practices permission leadership.

In his FREE 10 Day Bootcamp Ferny shows you how to recruit rejection free and how to develop your leadership skills so you can lead your team to success.

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Larry Felder

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