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5 Steps To Attracting The Right People Into Your Business

Music has the ability to touch our hearts. Have you listened to an old song and as you listen tears are rolling down your face? – I have. Music can touch your very soul. Why does this happen – are you remembering a time in your past with someone you love, or maybe a lost love, is the song placing you in that “special moment in time” that impacted your life in such way that the emotions cannot be suppressed?

Why did this song impact you but not impact other people? They are hearing the same song but have a different reaction, maybe ever a negative reaction. Could it be that in their past there is no connection with the emotions the song had on you. Why doesn’t everyone react as you do? The fact is no song no matter how impactful connects with everyone.

There Are Truths In Songs That Relate To Real Life

To understand a future prospect you have to connect with them on an emotional level just like the song connected with you. Most struggling Network Marketers talk about their product, service, compensation plan, or opportunity as the first way to approach a new prospect. Why, because most Network Marketing companies want you to talk about the company and brand that company. This is why you struggle. It is critical to connect with a new prospect at the emotional level just like the song connected with you. You must connect emotionally with their pain, their dreams, their wants, and provide them a way to solve that pain, dream, or want. I’m going to be brutally honest; all prospects will not connect with you just like all people will not have an emotional reaction to the song you love. That is why you must pre-judge who you will select to be on your team. Those who don’t connect with you aren’t the right prospect and you know something that is OK. Why is it OK because there is a better why to build a team who love the same song as you. Stop the “needy” syndrome and worrying if family, friends, warm and cold contacts will join your business even though you do not relate to them. Stop driving your business in the wrong direction because there is better way to identify who relates to the songs you love. This 10 day boot camp teaches you a simple, easy, and reliable strategy so you can choose who is in your business and are not dependent on that negative relative or co-worker “joining” your team.

Prospecting is all about connecting properly….

I’m a retired military man so getting emotional with people was just not my thing and until I changed my mindset I struggled in this new profession of Network Marketing. So I have to warn you if you aren’t ready to change and develop the skill set of emotional connection stop reading now. The only way you will make real progress in connecting with your future prospects is to reach and target the right prospect at the emotional level. Gone through your list no problem there is a strategy to help you find those you want on your team – click here. Once done you can choose if they qualify to be a new team member or not. If you are ready to make that transformation let’s get started!

How To Make That Emotional Connection To Determine If The Prospect Is Right For Your Team.

  1. Attract The Right Type Of People Into Your Business. You may feel pressured from your upline to prospect and recruit everyone into your business (this is typically stated as “don’t pre-judge people they may be your next diamond”). But remember if you can’t connect on an emotional level with your new prospect, you will not be able to teach or even keep them on your team. Everyone will not connect with you at the emotional level and that is OK. You are looking for a team member you can share your life with. Why, because in a successful Network Marketing business your leaders will grow very close to you and become an important part of your business, your life, and even your family’s life – so choose well.
  2. Start Off The Conversation With A New Prospect using Open Communications. When connecting with a new prospect at the emotionally level, use open communication. Your true emotions must be as transparent as possible. You must connect with them respectfully and emotionally. Connect with their pain, their dreams, and their wants. Treat their pain, their dreams, and their wants as you would your own, and provide solutions that address these. Be open and honest with your prospect. That is why personal development is so important to obtain the skill set of healthy communication and to express your emotions properly. This kind of communication strengthens the initial bond between you. If someone likes you and trust you they will join your business. Remember it is all about the relationship.
  3. It Is About Them Not About You. It is important to know who you are connecting with. So use your prospects name. You need to understand what their typical day looks like; what social media platforms do they belong to; what groups do they enjoy; what do they read, watch, and listen to; do they enjoy sports; why are they connecting with you (pain, dreams, and wants). In other words ask questions and listen to them – really listen to them.
  4. Give Your Prospect Your Undivided Attention. If you want to build emotional rapport with a prospect, pay attention. According to multiple life coaches you must not multi-task when engaged in a conversation. Multi-tasking takes away from the emotional connection. Let’s be honest people know when you are or are not paying attention. There is no better way to demonstrate interest in a prospect on a personal, professional, and emotional level, than by giving them the gift of your undivided attention.
  5. Use Humor, Compassion, And Empathy. Never underestimate the power of humor, compassion, and empathy. If you can make your prospect smile or shed a tear, you have connected with them at the emotional level and started to build a bond of trust. Tap into these qualities because as humans, we love to relate, it is within all of us. Empathy allows you to step into the shoes of your prospect. Your aim is to understand your prospect’s feelings and views and to use that understanding to guide your actions, build a relationship, and establish trust. When connecting emotionally it’s important to show empathy, compassion, and emotional support. These are the foundational elements to help you understand if your prospect is the right team member that you build a long-term relationship with in business and in friendship. In other words is this person the kind of individual you want on your team? If so move forward, if not that is OK move on.

One you’ve established the relationship what is next? It is critical that your next step is to help them address their pain, dreams, or wants. If you and your prospect have agreed to move forward in a business relationship, the next steps is to help them obtain some basic skill sets that allow for quick success and build the bond between you. To begin the process of finding the right prospects, I’ve found the attraction marketing formula by Elite Marketing Pro will work for YOU so YOU do not have to worry about saying no to a prospect who is not right for YOUR team. To learn about these skill sets Click Here.

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