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5 Questions To Help Qualify Your Prospect!

When I first started in the network marketing profession and was in the prospecting mode I did all the talking about what I knew and how great I was. Have to apologies to all those poor souls who went through this process with me.

And it did not work…

Hear is the truth, if your prospect isn’t doing most of the talking you aren’t connecting! I know this sounds counter intuitive so let me explain.

If you want to build a solid network marketing business you must build a team of leaders who are willing to learn and duplicate. And to do this there is one skill that must be mastered – qualifying your prospects and teaching leaders to do the same. After all, your leaders will be with you for the long haul.

The best way to get to know someone, build rapport, and trust is to ask them questions, and that means, unlike what I did at first, shut up and listen to their answers. People love to talk about themselves and as a leader you need to find out what they want out of life.

If you aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling, then let’s go over some simple sets…

Here are 5 questions to help you qualify your prospect.


It is human nature not to commit to anything! Especially if it’s something serious (…you know, like agreeing to be part of a network marketing business). As a result, people look for excuses to say “no” as quickly as possible.

They don’t want to get involved with your pitch, it is human nature.

So start off with a “no” question like “is now a bad time to talk?” This “no”-oriented question removes the pressure and gives the other person a chance to walk away.

A no-oriented question also gives your prospect a chance to say no right at the start of the conversation disarming their instinctive desire to say “no” later.

If it truly is not a good time get agreement on what is a good time and lock it down. Eric Worre in his book Go Pro covers how to do this very well.

This open-ended question does two things:

  1. It creates an opportunity for your prospect to dream again and imagine anything they want, which also allows you to focus on what you can do to help them create that ideal future.
  2. This question also identifies what is and isn’t working in their lives, creating a link between where they are and where they want to be.

It’s a “technique” that engages the prospect to use their imagination again (let’s face it life beats people up and they stop dreaming).

It also gives you information about what really matters to them. So you can focus on what they want and not what you want.

Why ask this question? Simple some people will not make a decision without the input from others.

And let’s face it they may end up talking with their spouse, friends, family who without knowledge will give them “expert advice” that most often is negative. It is human nature!

It’s like crabs in a pot. If you have a large pot with crabs in a pot and one crab tries to escape the other crabs will pull them back into the pot.

People are like the crabs in the pot. Many of your prospects friends and family do not want someone to succeed beyond them and will drag them back into the “pot of life” afraid your prospect may actually escape their dismal existence.

In addition many people have “heard stories” of dishonest, unethical, and outright illegal business opportunities. Unfortunately, friends and family don’t take the time to find out the facts and your company ends up lumped together with these other companies.

Understanding this reality helps you counter this objection and also provide your prospects the confidence they need to legitimize the business or opportunity in the eyes of others.

This question also gives you the opportunity to bring your prospect’s influencers into the conversation so you can bring truth to the discussion and answer questions their influencers might have. This helps your prospect become bulletproof as they are making the decision on your opportunity.

Let’s face it most people are not 100% happy with what they’re doing.

Everyone’s got something in their lives they like to change or just stop doing.

So by asking this question you almost guaranteed an engagement with your prospect emotionally, which allows you to gather key information about their fears and dreams.

It’s also a great way to build rapport and trust by showing a real interest in the other person’s concerns on the direction their lives are going.

A key element of prospecting is to remove or mitigate risk, both on your side and the prospect’s side. By identifying a prospect’s risks (or perceived risks), you can determine their priorities and pain points. Knowing these allows you to create openings for discussion during the prospecting process.

Above all be yourself……..

There are two things to remember when asking your prospect qualifying questions; listen to their answers and be yourself.

Use follow up questions to better know your prospect. You aren’t asking questions to just get answers; you are asking to truly understand where your prospect is coming from, who they are, and how you can help.

Also, if you don’t know the answer say so, tell them you will find out the answer, get with your upline to get the real information and get back with your prospect.

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Look forward to working with you.

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