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3 Tips to Lower The Cost Of Facebook Advertising

Do you advertise on Facebook?

Yesterday I was going through my ad cost and as I thought the cost of advertising on Facebook has been going up.

Now if you’re like me and use Facebook to grow your business, add more customers, and reach more prospects, this added cost can hurt.

Unfortunately it is a reality so what to do?

A few years ago Facebook was one of most inexpensive ways to advertise your biz so how did Facebook become more expensive.

In 2008, Facebook first introduced advertising and it was a bit like the Wild, Wild West.

You could advertise almost anything you wanted,and it was dirt cheap.

Their ad platform also looked entirely different than it does today.

You could place ads in a News Feed in little boxes on the right column – with very few limits.

In those days you had advertisers doing some innovative stuff just to get attention like putting red borders around ads just so they could get more clicks.

And I can’t blame them at that time Facebook made it so cheap and easy that small businesses, like the mom and pop down the street or the online “entrepreneur,” could easily get their message out to everyone quickly and cheaply.

It didn’t really matter what you were advertising

…as long as it wasn’t something completely obscene, like gambling, porn, or something illegal.

One thing that made advertising on Facebook so enticing was their Ads Manager interface.

It was super simple to advertise – unlike Google AdWords, which was complex to use, difficult to master, and cost a fortune to use.

Been there and done that!

In those early days, Facebook had a HUGE ad inventory.

And remember they were privately owned at that time so didn’t have to deal with stockholders.

Not only that but Facebook’s ad platform continued to develop and grow, so at some point they decided to get more control over its advertisers.

Facebook wanted to tame the “Wild West” attitude that had developed and clean up their advertising process.

But ads cost remained cheap because they had huge inventory and not enough advertisers.

In fact, Facebook advertising was so new…

That Facebook users didn’t expect ads and hadn’t become blind or jaded to ads yet, so it was not only simple to advertise, but really profitable.

So what happened…

Well as the word spread about the cost of those 2-3 cent clicks it attracted more and more advertisers.

However, Facebook did have a limited number of spots in the News Feed for ads.

And as more and more users come online the cost per click (CPC) increased.

What happened was you had the same (limited) amount of ad space and alot more people advertising.

And basic economics took over…

You know the law of supply and demand.

When there’s a fixed supply available and high demand cost go up.

Plus another factor took over…

Facebook keeps making advertising on their platform easier and more intuitive, and now a lot of businesses want to advertise on Facebook, so this enables Facebook to raise their rates.

Is this making sense to you?

So what's happening today?

  1. There’s a fixed amount of space for advertising in the News Feed.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg also stated Facebook isn’t going to open up any more ad space. He wants to focus the News Feed lesson ads and more on posts from friends and family to improve the user experience. But he has stockholder who are looking at the bottom-line so this approach could change.
  3. So less ad space is driving up the CPC, because there’s less inventory.
  4. Ad costs will continue to rise.

So what are some ways to manage or even reduce your cost?

The first thing you need to understand is Facebook rewards you if you create an ad they find relevant.

One way to do that is to create highly targeted and engaging ads.

To combat the rising CPC, you need to create an engaging experience for the Facebook audience.

Once you’ve done that and you get people to want more info you can move them to the Facebooks Personal Messenger platform.

From here you can communicate as much as you want and not have to pay for it.

Once you move your customers or prospects to messenger, you’re no longer dependent on the News Feed.

And reduce your cost significantly!

As the cost of Facebook traditional advertising goes up it's to your advantage to stay ahead of the pack.

As network marketers the way we are going to combat the rising cost of Facebook ads is through the Facebook Personal Messenger platform.

That said how do you do that?

If you are or you become a new member of Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) you'll have the opportunity to get ahead of the pack.

EMP has been hunkering down over the last several months to come up with comprehensive step-by-step training on how to reduce your ad costs and use the evolving Personal Messenger platform.

Now I don’t have all the answers yet but wanted to let you know ahead of the launch so you can be the first to implement this new strategy.

They are on the verge of implementing this new Facebook Messenger strategy to the EMP community, and show you how to make it work in your biz.

So if you are a member you’re going to see a lot more of Messenger training, showing you ways to attract people from your News Feed and lead them to Messenger.

Messenger can become your primary platform to engage and communicate with your customers and prospects directly, instead of constantly trying to stay in front of them in their News Feeds.

You’ll be able to use Messenger to deliver your message.

So if you want to keep costs messenger is the new way to advertise on Facebook.

What’s actually happening is Messenger ads are evolving into a hybrid of Facebook Ads and email marketing which is something entirely new in our profession.

For a while, you’ll still use the News Feed as the place to get people’s attention, but after that you’ll be able to sign them up in you biz using the Messenger platform.

And once you get your prospect into Messenger the follow up process become easy and at no additional cost to you.

You’ll be able to communicate as often as you want to without using either the News Feed or an email campaign.

This is how you'll be able to combat the limited ad space being used by more and more advertisers on Facebook.

And like I mentioned, if you are an EMP member you will receive all the step-by-step training you need to execute this incredible plan.

Not a member yet go here.

So let me leave you with a bonus and let’s talk about…

As I said above, Facebook rewards you for a highly relevant ad and will even low your cost for developing such an ad.

There is a winning formula to development just such an ad that includes:

  1. Identifying your perfect prospect.
  2. Create a winning landing page.
  3. Following a winning ad formula (which now includes Messenger ads!).
  4. Promoting a “free” lead generation offer.
  5. Leveraging the social traffic ecosystem to attract your perfect prospect.

So let's break it down...

Identifying your perfect prospect. In the traditional way of building a network marketing business everyone’s a prospect, you know the 3 foot rule. And you can build a business that way. The problem is the amount of time it takes to locate that perfect prospect can be weeks, months, or even years. So if you learn how to target the right prospects you reduce the amount of time it take to build a profitable business.

Create a winning landing page. A landing page is the first place someone will come and get an idea of who you are and what value you have to offer them, like this blog you are now reading. So it’s important to know just how to develop such a page so you attract the right prospect.

Follow a winning ad formula. There is a winning formula to attaching the right prospect to you. You start with their pain and struggle what they are going through, offer a solution that will eliminate that paid and struggle, and then you give them a Step by Step way to overcome this pain and struggle.

Promoting a “free” lead generation offer.  As part of your process you should offer something FREE that has value and will actually help your prospect, solve their problems and get what they need to move forward. Like the Attraction Marketing Formula in this blog.

Leveraging the social traffic ecosystem to attract your perfect prospect. Each social media platform has it’s own plus and minuses and set of algorithms that will help or hurt you. If you don’t understand their ecosystem you can spend a lot of money and get no results.

So if you want to learn more about these basic principles click here: Attraction Marketing Formula.

If you are finally tiered of the increasing cost, afraid to advertise because of the cost, or just like most network marketers have no clue where to even start…

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Larry Felder


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