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3 Steps To Turn Your Part Time Business Into Full Time Results!

How many times have you been told momentum is the key to growing your Network Marketing business?

When I was on the road 3-4 weeks every month it was very difficult getting that momentum until…

I found a mentor and he helped me take 3 simple steps to produce full time results with part time effort.

There are 3 simple steps a part timer can take to speed up the process of getting results.

And it starts with…

Now before you start throwing stones let me explain.

Most of you have been told to treat your business like a business not a hobby. When I first started in Network Marketing I treated my business like a hobby and got hobby results.

One day my upline asked what would happen if you treated your job like you treat your business? That was a wakeup call and my response “I’d get fired.”


So ask yourself this, would you hire yourself to build your business? If the answer is no than how can you get someone to follow you?

Once I was honest with myself the path become clear treat your business like a second job so you don’t get fired.

I started by adopting a Daily Mode of Operation (DMO) so I could focus on income producing activities every day.

I began to treat my business like a second job!

Look at it this way when you’re an employee, your boss sets your hours. Your boss determines what needs done and sets deadlines for you to meet. Not only that if you don’t do the work there are serious repercussions. You might ever be fired and loose that income.

So treat your network marketing business like a second job. Set hours, set your tasks, establish deadlines through a DMO. Make sure you meet your deadlines no matter what. And, like a boss, punish yourself if you don’t meet the tasks.

On the flip side, if you meet your tasks reward yourself!

Are your thinkin this guy is out of his mind! Then let me ask you…

When was the last time you visited those dreams you originally set when introduced to your Network Marketing business? How badly do you want it? How much do you want your life to change?

What my mentor taught me was sometimes we have to go to extremes to get faster results.

“Treat your business like a Job!”…and you will discover this is one of the best-kept secrets for building your network marketing business part-time.

I’ve never understood how someone will spend thousands of dollars and go into a life time of debt getting a degree so they can get a "great" job that doesn’t even pay the bills...

But when asked to spend $12 on a book to build their network marketing business they say it’s too expensive.

If you want to get faster results you need to invest.

What does that mean…

Well you need to invest in two key areas yourself and your business.

When I first started my network marketing journey I never read anything outside a good sci-fi story.

Then my mentor introduces me to a simple book “The Greatest Miracle in the World", by Og Mandino.

WOW I’d never read anything this powerful and it touch my hearth like nothing I’d ever read in my “formal education.”

This simple book set me on a path to freedom…


I began to invest in myself and over the years discovered the power of self-improvement. The power of the conscious & sub-conscious mine, the power of belief, and the power of words. This one simple investment over time has produced thousands of dollars in return. Well beyond the cost of the books.

So the first item on your list, invest in yourself. Invest in books, training, events, and knowledge.

If someone has done what you want to achieve you can do it too. Most often the only thing holding you back from achieving what they did is knowledge and that will take an investment.

The second item is your business. The fastest way to grow a business is through marketing.

Ask yourself this question why do McDonald, Coke, Pepsi, and many other businesses market their business?

The answer is simple it works when done right.

I had an upline tell me, if you opened a brick and mortar business in an unknown area of town how would you get customers. Well you would advertise for them.

If no one knows you are in business then no one will join or buy from your business.

That said you can use both free and paid advertising to build a business. You can start with free advertising, but your list of names will eventually run out if you don't keep adding to it so what happens then…

When your names run out, I suggest paid ads.

You may be thinking paid ads - “I can’t afford that.” But when done correctly and targeted, paid ads are inexpensive and jumpstart your results. They allow you to build a part time business full time.

If you’d like to know how I learned the secrets high end earner use to market their business take this FREE 10-Day Bootcamp from a 7-figure earner, mentor, and friend of mine Ferny.

One of my biggest faults was over complicating things and chasing shinny objects.

How about you?

There was a point in my network marketing journey when I was jumping from one company to the next and had no single strategy to accomplish my business goals.

Well what do you think the results were?

You nailed it the only results I was getting was being told “I told you so” by my family.

Then I had a very negative event in my business that forced me to step back, take some time, and re-look at what I wanted out of this journey.

That reevaluation led to an understanding of the power of SIMPLIFYING things and FOCUSING on what would produce results and my business turned around.

Are you in a similar situation as you read this?

If so here is some advice for you.

Until you start getting serious results in your business…

Find that mentor who can teach you how to promote one network marketing company and build your business using one marketing strategy. Plant your flag so people know what you stand for and where to find you. Understand your company and the marketing strategy you are using to build your business. Focus on how this will help your team and your customers.

Limit your marketing strategies.

If you like “old school” and it works for you stay with it. If you can’t see yourself building a business that way anymore or it just isn’t working then find a strategy that works and master it.

Master a single marketing method before going on to the next, especially when you are building part time. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on one strategy until leads, customers, and team members are flowing into your business.

That is what turned my business around! If you would like to know the strategy I use CLICK HERE.

If you find yourself doing too many things with no real results, it may be time to scale back and refocus your efforts. Keeping things simple and focusing on one network marketing company and one marketing strategy may seem extreme, but it’s perhaps just what you need to get things going!

Let’s Wrap It Up.

If you’re still in that full time job and time is limited you may need to focus on a new approach.


  • Treat Your Business Like You Are Employed At A Job
  • Invest In Yourself And Your Business
  • Focus Your Efforts

These simple tweaks will inject the methods essential for your success. Especially on those days when you come home from work and just want to sleep!

And if you want a way to place parts of your business on autopilot to open up even more time take the FREE 10 Day Bootcamp.

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To Your Success!

Larry Felder


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