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3 Simple Steps To Build Your Value

Attraction Marketing is the buzz word these days.

It is thrown around everywhere you look in our profession but…

Many times those throwing the term around don’t really understand the strategy.

One of the key factors to Attraction Marketing is what value you bring to the market place. You’re only worth as much as the amount of value you bring to the marketplace.

I’ve talked about this in the past during some of my Facebook live trainings but I’ve been asked by many of you to answer the question…

  1. What does it mean?
  2. How do you make yourself valuable and increase the size of your check while you’re at it?

These 2 questions are ones I had to ask myself when I first started out on this amazing journey and once I implemented the answers my checks started growing!

It all comes down to 3 simple steps you need to master to build value in yourself.

Ask this question “How do you better yourself every day?”

I have two higher education degrees, but I’ve discussed many times self-education and personal development, not “traditional education”, are the most important things you can do to move your business forward.

So what does self-education and personal development mean?

You need to read positive and educational books about our profession everyday not the latest romance novel, sci-fi thriller, or mystery novel.

This is self-education that increases your knowledge, allows you to execute that knowledge in your business and share that knowledge as “Value” to you community.

One way to increase your self-education is to replace some of that time watching TV, social media scrolling, and other activities and invest some of that time into yourself.

You don’t have to completely give up the things you like, but carve out dedicated time each day for personal development if you want to make more money.

One thing I’ve discovered is you can invest that time on your long commute to work by listening to training and positive CD’s.

Make your car a traveling UNIVERSITY YOU!

I use to build SirusXM’s paycheck every day until I got fired up to quite that job I hated…

You know the one that makes you do those long commutes.

I discovered it was better to invest the time commuting in myself so I could get FREE instead of listening to SirusXM.

Here’s another question for you…

Do you attend your company’s events? Or do you say it’s too much money to go? One decision increases you paycheck to other keeps you poor.

But when I first starting in network marketing excuses ruled the day…

Not until I became a student of the profession to learn everything about network marketing, how the big guys made the money, how to influence human behavior, and how to make it to the top of my company did success began to materialize.

These days I never miss a network marketing event in my company. I also invest money into education and attend their events. This has transformed my business life.

Events are the most powerful way to increase your knowledge. Let’s face it you won’t know what you needed to learn if you don’t go.

Back to my TV habit...

 I’m not saying you can’t enjoy life and your business won’t grow if you watch too much TV! LOL. I record shows and I’m a diehard follower of some of them. But I watch them later at night after I’ve made time for my own personal development. (Thank heavens for DVR.)

You know how you build a skill, that’s right practice, practice, practice!

If you struggle with inviting people to look at your opportunity the best thing to improve your skill is invite people until you master the skill.

If you have no prospects because you are now part of the NFL, (you know No Friends Left), club then grab a technique to get more prospects and master it.

Doing the skill over and over again helps you learn what works and what doesn’t.

This philosophy goes for everything in your business weather you are building offline or online.

Now I’ve got to admit I’m not the greatest blogger in the world but I do practice every week to get better and bring value to you in our community.

I’ve made it a point to continue writing blogs even though it would be much easier to stick with video, because it’s a skill set I need to master.

So what do we do in our overall network marketing business that requires skill development?

Let’s go over it:

  • Find prospects to share our opportunity with
  • Find out if a new prospect is a good fit
  • Invite them to properly to see what we have
  • Building relationships
  • Share information
  • Overcoming objections
  • Follow up
  • Train them to become productive new distributors
  • Teach them how to duplicate a simple system
  • Learn how to become a leader

And the list goes on and on…

What do we do in our online network marketing business that requires skill development?

Let’s go over these:

  • All the thing we just discussed above +
  • Building a brand
  • Blogging
  • Content creation
  • Video marketing
  • Networking
  • Building an online system

Just names a few.

The best part about all these skills is it doesn’t take mastering every single skill to hit 5 or 6 figures. But with every skill you master, you’re one step closer to hitting your financial goals and helping a lot of other team members also.

This is a key point I failed to do for a long time. I’d go to an event, take pages of notes, or I’d read a book, or listen to some training, and keep it all to myself.

What good does it do to attend an event and fill a notebook with notes if you never use it or share it?

The only way you become valuable is to share what you know. You need to demonstrate your value in order to attract the right people.

It wasn’t until I started branding myself online and sharing my knowledge and experience with our community that our business really started to take off.

So how do you share your value?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Do Facebook LIVEs
  • Write blog articles
  • Conduct video marketing
  • Host a training webinar
  • Conduct a follow-up email campaign

If you start the process, take action, continue to grow, and build your skills; you will attract people into your business who are looking to you as a leader, because they’ve already been learning from you and following you for who knows how long online.

I no longer have to prospect our waiter at dinner, the cashier at Walmart, friend and family, coworkers, unless I really see potential in that person.

Do you realize how powerful that is? Not having to feel the need to prospect every person with a pulse?

And how do you get these results?


  • Start by creating a fan page that sets you up as a public figure. (It’s free) Use your name! You are branding yourself, not your company or product. You are the product!
  • Then start sharing what you know through video, blogging, and email.

Anyone can do this… even if you aren’t a technology expert, I'm sure not - LOL.

You don’t have a detailed plan?

Start here brand yourself as a leader online, attract your perfect prospect through social media, so you can prospect and recruit without having to chase your family and friends.

Do what I did and click here to sign up for our FREE online 10 day Attraction Marketing boot camp.

So let’s wrap it up…

Remember the 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Build your knowledge
  • Step 2: Build your skill set
  • Step 3: Share your knowledge and results

Then implement them in your business, build your knowledge, be consistent, and watch your business and checks grow.

Companies and compensation plans come and go every day, but your knowledge lasts forever and you can take it with you.

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To Your Success!

Larry Felder


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