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2 Simple Steps To Make Money Fast

I’ve just completed an exclusive Ray Higdon course that I paid top dollar for...

It was worth every dollar!!

During this course he talked about many things including one of the most important things you need to focus on in your business…

He said if you are not making a million dollars a year you need to focus on sales.

WOW that hit me right between the eyes!

I looked at my Daily Mode of Operations (DMO) and that week made some drastic shifts to focus my business in the right direction. As I looked through my DMO it dawned on me that I had to completely eliminating some activities and focus on “high leverage” activities that would lead to more sales and profits.

So I want to share with you what I’ve learned and the wisdom of focusing your business on two areas that produce growth as quickly as possible, with minimal effort.

And what are these areas…

  1. Create new customers
  2. Create more revenue from existing customers

How Do You Get More Customers?

Today the most effective way to get more customers is online.

Let's face it Facebook along has over 2 billion potential customers…

And there are 4 essential components to turn social media into customers…

  1. Traffic Generation
  2. Lead Conversion
  3. Sale Conversion
  4. Follow-up

The question is…

How do you execute each of them effectively?

So let’s go over each one.

1. Traffic Generation

First you need to choose how you are going to generate traffic.

For me it was Facebook and using the Attraction Marketing Formula, but there are lots of social media platforms and Google platforms like Ad Words and UTube to choose from.

Don’t make the mistake of spreading yourself too thin. Choose one platform and one technique and master it.

The key to choosing a platform is asking yourself this question, who is my target audience and what platform are they on. You need to focus your efforts on how you are branding yourself and choose the platform your target audience hangs out in.

It’s also important to understand your personal strengths when choosing. Do you like being in front of the camera, do you have public speaking experience, if so any platform that provides the ability to post videos may be your medium of choice. Maybe you’re a techie. If so you may want to focus on something like Facebook Power Editor or develop your own unique website.

The bottom line is there is more than one way to skin a cat so choose a technique and platform that plays to your strengths, targets your audience and mastering it.

2. Lead Conversion

Generating traffic is not enough. Part of your system should include the ability to “shift and sort.”

Now this can be done two ways…

“Old School” takes Hugh amounts of time out of your day or you can place the entire process on autopilot.

If you like “old school” and don’t mind the massive investment in follow up time - stay with it.

For me I wanted more time freedom so creating an autopilot system was the way to go.

With a proper “capture page” you can convert your traffic into leads. What I’ve found is with the proper “value added” content that addresses your target market about 30%-40% become leads and if set up right they shift and short themselves.

If you are a Network Marketer, like I am, the idea of a capture page was totally foreign to me. I had to find a mentor to teach this concept. My mentor Ferny, who is a 7-figue online earner, showed me the path through his 10 Day Boot Camp.

3. Sale Conversions

Once you have generated the traffic and captured their information the next step is to convert a lead to a sale.

And this is how it’s done…

First ask yourself what is the message I’m sending to address my target audience pains and desires? In your offer are you solving one of their deepest pains and frustrations? Does it solve that critical problem keeping them awake at night? Will they see the benefit of taking action to get the solution? If not, re-examine what value you are offering, and adjust your product to meet the needs of your target audience.

Then ask yourself what is the strength of my offer? If you are like I was I understood my pains and frustration but my “Old School” teachers didn’t teach how to solve the problem. Nor did my network marketing company have a solution.

So I had to look outside my company to find an affiliate offer. What I found was an offer created by experts who know exactly how to convert leads to sales. Not only that they paid me to learn. So if you are tiered of “Old School” telling you what to do but not how to do it consider taking this FREE 10 Day Bootcamp that teaches you step by step how it is done.

The main thing to ask yourself, when creating a message and offer, is “what’s the value in this offer I’m promoting, and does it solve my target markets biggest problems?”

4. Follow-up

How many times have you been told “the fortune is in the follow-up?”

Well, it’s true. 🙂

That said there are different approaches to following up, and what I’ve discovered is not everyone favors just one style. That said ALWAYS follow up with your leads and daily follow up is key.

Now you can follow up using “Old School” technique of picking up the phone and calling over and over and over again with little or no results. Or you can place your follow up on autopilot and allow each individual to shift and short themselves.

Once they have shifted and sortied themselves and you choose to work with this them, I’ve found following up daily allows you to create more sales.

As long as you’re providing value in your follow up!

My favorite method of follow-up is using an auto responder like AWeber or MailChimp to conduct daily follow up that provides value and solves your new leads problems.

So here is how it works…

When someone initially opts in to my list, they get at least 10 days of value packed FREE training that takes them step by step through a program to solve the single biggest problem in our profession…

Getting quality leads daily.

As part of the process I introduce myself and let them know what this produce has done to solve the pains and frustrations I was going through.

From there, I follow up on a consistent basis and link them to “valuable information” through my blog that solves their problems. I also re-introduce them to the original product, and also any new products I’ve used to launch my business and create the freedom of quieting that job I hated.

All the follow up has ONE THING in common… THEY ALL SELL.

Every e-mail contains links that give people the opportunity to take advantage of various offers.

The main thing is to consistently follow up with your leads and bring them back to your offers. On average someone needs 7 exposures to make a buying decision…

so your job as the Marketer is to get your prospect back to your sales page at least 7 times. If they don’t buy after that well you have shifted and shorted automatically and not wasted your time on someone who was not the right choice to begin with.

Create more revenue from existing customers

If you create the proper marketing funnel you have in place an automatic and effective system that creates the MAXIMUM number of buyers per lead humanly possible, as an added advantage you can do this almost completely on autopilot which solves the HARDEST part of your job.

Now what…

The next step is to maximize the profit of each sale.

Keep in mind there’s no limit to the amount a customer will pay. I’ve discover the Marketplace is filled with people looking for solutions. If you master putting the right offer in front of them, there’s absolutely no reason why your existing customers won’t pay you thousands of dollars for your products or services.

It is important to position yourself to earn as much as humanly possible in your opportunity, and to do everything in your power to make larger, high ticket sales...

And you can do that through your follow up system that offers your customers higher ticket items.

Also consider providing a new customer free coaching. Show them your results and what’s in it for them. This can be done by showing testimonials of other successful students and highlighting the results.

That creates desire for coaching, and overcomes the “can I do it” objection, because you show that other students have achieved what they want. Prospects can see that normal people have succeeded as a direct result of the free coaching sessions.

Here is a simple truth 70% of all of your profits will come from back-end sales and repeat sales. So no matter what you do, DON’T discount the power of creating and maximizing an effective up-sell process.

So let’s wrap it up:

The ONLY 2 things you should focus on to grow and scale up as quickly as possible are:

  1. Creating new customers
  2. Creating more revenue from existing customers.

If you want to know my starting point in the entire process take the FREE 10 Day Bootcamp. I’ll introduce you to my mentor and friend Ferny who is a 7-figue marketing master.

To Your Success!
Larry Felder

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